Mondays are…well, Mondays. But apparently the Monday of the third week in January is the most dreary of the year; so much so that it’s been dubbed Blue Monday.

The nickname was coined in 2005 by a British travel company that factored in weather, debt and other typical January circumstances to determine it was the most bleak day of the calendar year.

Even though Blue Monday isn’t backed by actual science, we’re here to help! Here, ELLE Canada editors share their (also totally unscientific and not proven) advice to how they would survive the worst case of the Mondays ever.

“I had no idea today was supposed to be bleak until I was informed that Blue Monday was a thing, but I’m running with it: this afternoon calls for extravagant, mood-boosting Whole Foods purchases like almond milk cappuccinos and biscotti that have all the calories removed.” – Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor

“Dream Blue Monday: Sleep in until 10 a.m., go for an bacon and eggs at the Irish diner down the street. Return to bed to binge-watch Sopranos. Reality Blue Monday: Straighten my hair (forgetting about my frizzy locks for a day or two always cheers me up) and hit the gym after work. Endorphins, work your magic!” – Carli Whitwell, health and beauty editor

“Dream Blue Monday: wake up on Tuesday. Reality blue Monday: watch TTC driver and angry lady have yelling and screaming match about where the bus doors should be opened; forget to eat breakfast; pole self in eye whilst trying to execute liner.” – Vanessa Craft, beauty director

“A soy latte from my favourite coffee shop – paired with a fresh manicure – always takes a gloomy, winter Monday morning from 0 to 100,” –Paris Palcit, editorial assistant

“Chocolate croissants” – Sarah Laing, associate features editor

“I’m not participating in this because yesterday was my birthday” – Aliyah Shamshar, features editor

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