Quality and quantity are factors we always consider when we’re shopping. (Should we splurge on those Alexander Wang booties or pick up three pairs of those equally as gorgeous but less expensive pumps?)

Now, the Heart and Stroke Foundation is asking that we apply the same logic to our intake of saturated fats. It has revised its stance on these fats, which raise the LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in blood, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The foundation is placing no limit on the daily amount (quantity) of saturated fats we eat. That’s important to be sure, but the foundation also wants us to consider the source (read: quality) where these fats are coming from. Processed foods, for example, are a big source of saturated fat as well as a squad of other bad-for-you additives such as sugar, trans fats and sodium aka everything that’s delicious in this cruel, cruel world.

“It’s important to point out that minimally processed foods which are a source of saturated fat like a steak or yogurt, are also rich in other nutrients,” explains registered dietitian Kate Comeau. “A hot dog or a store-bought cookie on the other hand have very little nutritional value and are also high in added sugar, dangerous trans fats and sodium. So in this way, the source of saturated fat can make a difference.”

The solution? You already know it: cooking at home with whole grains and vegetables and fruit. So I’ll spare the lecture and just give this friendly reminder: everything in moderation – including shoes.

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