Lights, camera … In dim indoor lighting, a camera flash can alter the appearance of your makeup, changing it from sexy to gaudy, says Toronto-based photographer Edward Pond. Apply your makeup under a bright light that shines straight onto your face. If it shines from underneath your chin, it will cast shadows, causing you to apply too much eyeshadow or blush.

Easy does it
Subtle makeup is key, says Toronto-based makeup artist Alex Borovoy, whose clients include Alanis Morissette and Shalom Harlow. Start with a sheer foundation that contains light-reflecting pigments. Then apply a cream blush to your cheeks for a touch of colour. If you flush easily, use a yellow-based coral shade of blush, which won’t add redness.

Face value
On your eyes, use slightly shimmery eyeshadows in green, brown or creamy beige, says Borovoy. To avoid looking tired, skip eyeliner on your bottom lash line and steer clear of blue and purple eyeshadows. Long lashes are glamorous, so enhance your look by using an eyelash curler or by adding a few individual false eyelashes. On your lips, avoid matte lipstick (under the bright flash, it can highlight fine lines) and super-shiny lip gloss (which can make lips look too wet). To get a perfect pout, choose a lipstick with a satin finish.

Hair bands
“What might look sexy in reality may not translate well into photos,”cautions Toronto-based hair and makeup artist Kevin Smith. Tame your hair by rubbing a little serum between your hands, then lightly running your fingers over the lower half of your hair. To avoid the helmet-head look, try subtle highlights. “If you have fine hair, stand in front of a dark background because a light background will shine through your hair, making it look thin,”says Smith. Finally, if your hair is styled differently for a photo, give yourself plenty of time to get used to the change so you’ll appear more relaxed.

You look fabulous!
1. Turn your head slightly away from the camera, but keep your eyes on the lens- off-centre camera angles slim your face, says Pond.
2. To avoid shiny-looking skin, blot your nose and chin with translucent powder, says Borovoy.
3. Don’t suck in your cheeks-your cheekbones will be more prominent if you smile, says Toronto-based photographer Norbert Mayer.
4. To avoid a double-chin effect, touch the back of the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue, which will tighten the skin under your chin while the picture is being taken, says Pond.
5. For a quick tooth whitening, keep baking soda in your purse. Mix it with a glass of water and rinse-especially after drinking red wine, says Mayer.

Photo courtesy of F. Best