Celebrity diets: The Dr. Oz Cleanse
Time commitment:
3 days of only liquid (become one with your blender)

The lowdown:
Let’s start off by saying it’s only three days. Three days to
get an amazing beach body. By the end of day one, you’ll need to repeat this to yourself over and over to stay on track and not dive face first into a bag of Oreo cookies. You’ll get to sip on 4 smoothies each day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner) that range from yummy (breakfast with raspberries, almond milk, spinach and almond butter is tart and creamy) to interesting (even blended, kale, pineapple, green apple and celery has an undeniable texture to your lunch time shake that’s not the most pleasing). The third shake is a mix of anti-oxidant packed blueberries, kale coconut oil and avocado. You get to pick your fave smoothie as your snack each day (hint the breakfast smoothie may be your best bet). Plus unlimited green tea, honey/lemon water and plain water. The cleanse will flush you out, rid your body of toxins and by the end your bloated tummy will be noticeably flatter. Three days ladies, it’s only three days.


Celebrity diets: The Food Program by Tracy Anderson (foodprogrambyta.com)
Time commitment:
Never ending (depending on how long you can handle the routine)

The lowdown:
Gwyneth Paltrow’s bod? Who doesn’t? The A-lister has been candid on the fact that her enviable long, lean body doesn’t come easily – and regularly praises
her personal trainer Tracy Anderson for toning her butt, thighs and midriff. After venturing into gym and workout routines, Anderson now tempts the everyday person to attain a celebrity beach body with her meal delivery system. Dig deep in your purses — her meals don’t come cheap (in fact you may want to whip out your credit card, too, starting at over $45 per day on a 14-day plan). The cost of looking like Gwyneth isn’t cheap, friends. On the plus side you get to dig into yummy items like tandoori spiced flat iron steak and sundried tomato crusted eggplant. The down side? You can’t just eat your coconut flan with mango sauce on the couch and call it an night. You’re going to have to stick to Anderson’s vigorous (and we do mean vigorous – pulsing anyone?) workout routine and schedule.

Test out Harley Pasternack’s cleanse plan and the GM diet on the next page …
Celebrity diets: Harley Pasternak’s The Body Reset Diet
Time commitment:
15 days (on the bright side, that’s really only one day longer than two weeks)

The low down: Celeb fitness guru Harley Pasternak (he’s the one responsible for Rihanna’s rock-hard abs), developed a three-phase, smoothie-based cleanse that promises to shed pounds and reset all your bad habits. Each phase spans five days, with the first being the most challenging. The premise? Blend up your favourite fruits and veggies with a healthy fat, dairy (or non-dairy) and protein three times a day – that’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A few light – and we mean light—snacks are allowed each day (apples, anyone?). The next phase is a bit simpler, where you can swap out your evening smoothie to a modest dinner. Since Harley knows that you can’t do an extremely difficult cardio workout on this type of plan, he suggests moderate exercises such as walking (we like this part best!).


Celebrity diets: The GM Diet
Time commitment:
7 days (of vegetable soup and lots of bananas)

The low down: First introduced in the ’80s to encourage health and wellness for employees of the automotive company — yes, GM stands for General Motors — this plan has developed quite a cult following (it still trends on Pinterest to this day!). Let’s go over the ground rules: each day you’re required to drink eight glasses of water (easy, right?) and can break up your days with a special vegetable (cabbage) soup. Now onto the hard part: each day you’ll have to stick to a specific set of foods, which makes up the more cruel days (like the banana and milk-packed Day 4) and mono-fruit days (which are happily divided by the vegetable soup option). This diet promises to melt away up to 8 kg of fat, but we’re wondering if it’s really worth all the sacrifice!

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