All the lavender-scented pillow spray in the world won’t lull you into a deep sleep if your mattress is uncomfortable. Enter the new Casper Wave (from $1,650), the brand’s most luxurious mattress to date, designed to correct two common hindrances to restorative slumber: spinal misalignment and overheating. It comprises five cushy layers of memory, latex and gel-infused foams designed to let your shoulders sink deeply into the mattress while supporting your hips for ideal body placement. Perforations in the foams improve air circulation, while wool in the fabric cover absorbs excess moisture for the most temperature-controlled sleep you can get without installing an AC unit beneath your bed frame.

Casper sent me the Wave to try out (tough gig, I know). Here are my thoughts on the experience.

The box is heavy. A label on the mattress box warned that it was over 70 lbs., but it felt more like 7,000 lbs when I tried to lug it up to my second floor, accessible-only-by-stairs apartment. I enlisted the help of my brother, who claims the box is “really not that heavy”; he was able to carry it up the stairs by himself. It’s safe to say moving this box will usually be a two-person job.

Removing the mattress from the box is oddly satisfying. Again, having two people (one to hold the box, the other to pull out the mattress) was helpful here. The mattress does not instantly spring out of the box, which I was apprehensive about. Rather, you unfurl it like a Fruit Roll-Up, and it slowly “inflates,” i.e. the foam expands. I placed the mattress directly on my Ikea bed frame, which has slats and not a foundation.

The good sleep claim is legit. I am typically a fairly restless sleeper. Despite my best intentions to sleep on my back like J.Lo (smooshing your face into your pillow every night for decades doesn’t bode well for a creaseless visage) I toss and turn throughout the night. I did not do that on this mattress. It’s so cushy (but not too cushy—I felt supported) that I presume flipping over in the night would require more energy than I am willing to expend.

Should I buy this mattress? I’m a fan. The only reason I could see someone not liking the Wave is if they prefer a super firm sleeping surface. Sweet dreams.

A version of this article originally appeared in the March 2019 issue of ELLE Canada.