Reebok’s Meet You There collection drops today, fronted by rapper and brand partner Cardi B.

Inspired by the intersection of street style and athletic wear, the collection hits a contemporary note with its bright colours and splashy graphics. Just like its celebrity face, the line is bold, creative and utterly unapologetic.

“I just thought I was weird because everyone keep telling me I’m weird,” she laughs in the campaign video. “But when I started doing videos on Instagram and so many people claimed they relate to me, I was like, ‘I guess there was a lot of weird people out there!’”

“I gotta be real with myself all the time,” adds Cardi. “That’s something I gotta do to stay me.”

This is the star’s second campaign with Reebok, following her “Nails” video earlier this summer for the Cardi B X Reebok Collection. Meet You There features an inclusive size range from XXS to XXL (men’s up to XXXL) and is available on now.

Watch the campaign clip below.