Quit smoking without stopping smoking
Can green tea break a nicotine habit? Billy55 says yes. The company has launched a crowd-funding campaign to market their nicotine- and additive-free cigarettes, which are made of green tea. The idea behind the cigarettes – which burn and taste like regular cigs – is simple: If you keep smoking without nicotine, over time your addiction will diminish until you no longer want to smoke. We can’t wait to see if they actually work or if it’s all smoke and mirrors. (Editors’ note: These products still contain tar and carbon monoxide.)

Kate Spade enters the athleisure game
The athleisure trend continues: Kate Spade is the newest company to introduce a fitness collection. Look for a limited-release collection of 16-pieces of activewear, which the company is designing with Beyond Yoga, for spring 2016. Tory Burch will also be getting into the game. She’s launching Tory Sport this fall.

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Beet juice may help you exercise harder
If you want to push yourself on your next workout, reach for beet juice instead of water and a protein bar. Researchers have found that men who drank beet juice for two weeks had lower blood pressure while working out and while at rest. Participants also showed signs of increased dilated blood vessels – that’s a good thing because this helps to increase blood flow, thereby reducing the work of the heart.

Run the 6ix
Forget bus tours! The Ritz-Carlton Toronto is offering its guests a chance to explore the city on foot. Every Wednesday this summer, a trainer will lead half an hour runs through Toronto’s neighbourhoods. Some of the stops include St. Lawrence Market, the Distillery District and Chinatown.

Oily skin > wrinkles
You may hate your oily skin now, but you’ll love it when you’re older. Japanese researchers have found that the more sebaceous glands (where oils in skin is produced) people have, the smaller the wrinkles. Of course, the presence of oil isn’t the only prescription for an unlined face. Sleep, avoiding the sun and the skin’s elasticity and thickness all play a role.  The study was published in the journal Clinical Anatomy.

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