Body break

When you’re on vacation, sipping margaritas poolside can be more appealing than hitting the hotel gym. But think twice: According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, any weight you gain on an exercise hiatus may be tougher to shed when you return to your normal routine. In fact, you may need to
work out even harder than you did before to shed the excess pounds, especially if you’re a moderate-not extreme-exerciser. Ask your hotel about nearby fitness centres before booking your room.


Long shot
Planning a long-distance workout? Accel Gel’s portable gel packs, which contain ready-to-drink blends of whey protein, minerals and carbohydrates, can help you get through an epic exercise session. (In one study, cyclists’ endurance increased by 13 percent.) They’re available in six flavours, including key lime and strawberry kiwi.
Portable gel packs ($40 for a box of 24 packs, Accel Gel; call 1-877-363-8769 ext. 627 for shopping details.)


Water front
On the road and no gym to be found? Don’t leave home without AquaBells Travel Weights. These collapsible dumbbells and ankle weights fit in the smallest suitcase. Just fill them with water and attach the cushioned grip handles for up to 7.5 kilograms (16 pounds) of resistance per dumbbell. A pair of ankle weights provides up to 3.6 kilograms (eight pounds) of resistance, so your lower body can get a workout too.
Travel dumbbells ($59.95 for two bars, cushioned grip handles and eight fillable weights, >AquaBells)


Save room in your suitcase with clothes that do double duty. With their modern, lightweight silhouettes, the separates in Reebok’s Rhythm line can go from the gym to the beach to city sightseeing. All of the pieces are made from organic cotton, and some incorporate bamboo charcoal fibres, which are antibacterial and absorb odours.
Reebok Rhythm separates ($55 to $65).

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