All the times the Kardashians gave us major fitspo this summer

Aug 05 2016 by
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Some sibling rivalry can be a good thing – at least when it comes to motivation to workout. See the Kardashians’ Twitter convo from the weekend. While you and I were sipping cocktails at the cottage, Khloé Kardashian killed it during a workout with her trainer Don Brooks, and made Kim and Kourtney feel extra guilty for taking a day off. 

Kim’s reaction: “I took the day off from my workouts and now I’m watching Khloe’s snaps and feel like sh*t.”

To which Kourtney replied: “Ugh same. About to run my hills and swim to make up for it. And do squats, sit-ups lol.”

See Khloé’s snaps below, which show the reality TV star attempting plyometric jumps up some stairs, a crazy intense pushup sequence and some Cirque de Soleil-style partnered sit-ups. (Notes: these look fun and actually seem super accessible – i.e. there’s no gym or heavy equipment).





Here are some other times this summer the Kardashians have inspired us to KUWTK IRL rather than on our couches.  

Kim Snapchatting her workout with Don last week.




Kourtney working out with Don this spring.




Even mom Kris Jenner is getting into the gym selfie.




Kylie, meanwhile, doesn’t post as many workout shots, but she did recently share this image of her new Puma ad.



And we can’t forget this post-workout sister selfie!



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