Source: Aqua Mermaid Swimming

Class type: Mermaid swim school

What’s it all about: Let’s face it, we have all pretended to be Ariel at one time or another (or, like, last week). This class lets you live the dream while burning calories. You wear a stretch fabric mermaid fin, which forces you to engage your core during already heart-pumping swimming drills. Singing “Under the Sea” is optional.

Where to try it: At Aqua Mermaid Swimming in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal; $60 per class.




Source: Josh Szeto Photography

Class type: Hula Hoop

What’s it all about: Not only will you experience major nostalgia, you’ll also feel the burn. Many studios use hula hoops one to 1.5 pounds heavier than the ones you used to play with, therefore better engaging your core. The exercises also target the chest, legs and arms. Note: for those whose hooping skills are sorely lacking, the rings are equipped with friction tape.

Where to try it: Classes, like at Serpentine Studios in Halifax, run about $20.




Source: Getty

Class type: Outdoor bootcamp

What’s it all about: Outdoor high-intensity interval training class is made for the multi-tasker. (HIIT drills are strength and conditioning exercises performed at a high intensity with a short rest in between, which is thought to burn fat faster.)

Where to try it: Montreal’s Cardio Plein Air ($15). There are only eight people in a class, which means you can’t slack.




Source: Lagree YYC

Class type: Lagree

What’s it all about: Welcome to the hardest Pilates class you’ll ever take. The class is completed on a Megaformer, which looks like a Transformer but basically adds monster resistance to standard conditioning exercises. You’re guaranteed to be hurting within five minutes.

Where to try it: There are several studios across Canada; classes run about $30.




Source: Seacity Fitness

Class type: Trampoline

What’s it all about: If the mermaid class wasn’t enough for those looking to indulge their inner child, try a mini-trampoline class. Trampoline is a low-impact cardio (which means it won’t hurt your joints), and most classes also include strength exercises.

Try it at: Seacity Fitness in Vancouver; $22 per class.




Source: Tab Fitness

Class type:  Mom-and-baby fitness classes

What’s it all about: Finding someone to watch your baby can be a workout in itself. There are a growing number of studios that let you bring your little one with you. (In many of them your little one and their stroller act as weights.) These classes likely won’t be as hardcore as your CrossFit workout – that’s to accommodate post-pregnancy healing – but they are a great way to get back into your routine.

Try it at: Pram-tastic at Tab Fitness in Toronto; $23 per class.