2016 marks the fifth anniversary of the Lolë White Tour, the travelling supersized outdoor yoga class, which arrives in Toronto on July 28. Here are five reasons why you should join in.

1. The view 2015 Lolë-goers will remember a blissful morning practice at Fort York. This year, the Toronto session starts after-hours – at 8:30 p.m. at Exhibition Place. Yup, you’ll be doing a flow in tandem with 3,000 other people as the sun sets over the Toronto harbour. Bucket list, check.


2. Because really, really talented yogis will be instructing you Yogis like Elena Brower, Lisa Messina and Marla Meenakshi Joy, who have over 50 years combined experience. The three instructors will lead a vinyasa flow inspired by ParaYoga and Katonah Yoga. 




3. You get to wear really comfortable clothes Who wouldn’t want to go into full-on athleisure mode on a Thursday night? Bonus: you’ll be in all-white (white is a symbol of peace), so you’ll feel really fancy, like you’re off to a Great Gatsby tennis party, but one that’s much more enlightening.


4. Because a giant yoga class is really good for you  Consider it a support group for your soul. “Individually, we acquire little pockets of stress that over time turn into sensations of big turmoil in our lives,” says Brower. “When we get together as a group with the intention of releasing all that holds us back, we can let go of what contracts our spirit and become more clear and strong together.”



5. The music will be better than the club Pianist and singer Ariane Zita will play live during the flow. She’s a self-taught composer and songwriter and released her first album, Oui mais non, late last year. We have goosebumps already.


6. You may, possibly, be able to attend for free ELLE Canada is a partner at this year’s Toronto event. We are giving away passes to the event  (which includes a mat and a $45 Lolë gift card). Enter the contest at ELLECanada.com/lolewhitetour. Not going to be in Toronto at that time? The Lolë White Tour is heading to Montreal on Aug. 18. Some 7,000 people are expected to attend.