Your post-workout look may be a little more red-faced than glowing. So we’ve enlisted the help of hair and makeup artist Anna Nenoiu to show us a few super easy and quick beauty tricks to freshen your look.

DO: Cleansing your face
“Even if you don’t have time for a full shower post workout, you should thoroughly cleanse your face. Otherwise, your skin will be susceptible to breakouts.”, says Nenoiu.

DON’T: Rinse with hot water
“Hot water not only opens pores and dries out your skin, it does not help with exercise-induced redness—especially on your face. To get rid of redness in a hurry, rinse thoroughly with cold water.”

DON’T: Follow your normal beauty routine
“If you normally use pink blush or bronzer on your cheeks, it’s best to skip this step after a workout. Add a bit of matte foundation and/or mineral powder to the reddest areas of your face and skip the blush. “

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DO: Use waterproof products
“I prefer no makeup during my workouts, but if you must wear makeup, make sure it’s waterproof. Even if you wash thoroughly and pat dry after exercising, you can still produce sweat long after you leave the gym. Be prepared with waterproof mascara and smudge-proof products to ensure the makeup stays put.”

DON’T: Style your hair while damp or wet

“After a workout, hair often feels like a lost cause. Usually we don’t have a lot if time after the gym to style the hair as we would at home. Instead, skip the full wash and opt for dry shampoo and a cute updo.”

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DO: Drink plenty of water
“It’s important to drink about 8 ounces of water within 30 minutes of your exercise routine. This hydrates your body and helps you have beautiful skin.”