When Peloton launched their sleek, luxury at-home fitness technology in Canada at the end of 2018, everyone wanted to know: is it worth the money?

The Peloton Bike will run you $2,950, and a subscription to the classes—which include cycling, of course, as well as yoga, boot camp and stretching—is another $49 per month. ELLE Canada had the opportunity to try out the Peloton Bike, which we had set up in our office for three months.

Here, six ELLE staffers (both male and female, across several age groups) share their experience using the bike to help you decide if this is an investment in your health that makes sense for you. And spoiler, we all really, really liked it.

Carli Whitwell, managing editor

“Confession: I hate spin classes. My legs hurt five seconds in and, since there are very few distractions other than watching everyone around you sweating it out, I’m constantly checking the clock. Peloton changed all that: first, they offer 30-minute classes, which make spin so much palatable. Also, you can pick from hundreds of instructors and videos, some live, some pre-recorded (so you never have to do the same workout twice). And, my fave part? The arm weights:  mini arm workouts, that are interspersed throughout the classes, break up all that emphasis on my poor, tired legs.”

Ciara Rickard, production editor 

“I like a good spin class, but I’m never quite sure if I’m going at the right speed and tension. What I love about Peloton is that the digital screen allows you to see precisely how fast you’re going and how high your tension is. And the instructor always gives you a range to aim for, so I know I’m getting my best workout.”

Natalie Brennan, beauty editorial assistant 

“The bike really makes me feel like I am at an actual spin class. It displays your speed as well as the average speed of the class, which is just enough to spark my competitive nature and keep me from slacking. It really had every workout you could ever want to do on a bike, whether you want to join a live class (which really makes you feel a part of the action), do a pre-recorded class so you can choose what area of the body you want to target and what vibe/music you’re in the mood for, or do the scenic option which puts you anywhere in the world so you can spend your time leisurely riding through the Canadian Rockies or in full-out sweat mode through Peru.”

Quentin Summers, IT technician

“I typically ride on the road or trails, but it’s much harder to do that in winter. With Peloton, I really enjoyed the variety of live and on-demand classes. The metrics you get from each ride are excellent. It’s easy to track your output, cadence and speed and challenge yourself (and others who may be doing the same session). Also, the scenic rides are beautiful if you just want to have a nice long tour.”

Jacqueline Howe, publisher, TVA Group

“My first spin class was great—the bike is really top notch. I felt like I was in the class. Coming in 700th place out of 1,400 people in the class gave me something to work toward, and fuelled my competitive edge. Not sure if I get bonus points since most people seem to be in their mid-thirties [laughs]. I have now tried many of the workouts [on the app] and love the flexibility of 30- and 45-minute classes. No excuses to miss a class!”

Victoria DiPlacido, beauty director

“I love getting all the benefits of an in-studio cycling class—the group energy, the encouraging ripped instructor—without actually having to be in a room with a bunch of other sweaty people. In the live classes, the instructor sometimes calls out people at home who have hit a milestone ride, or who are having a strong personal ride. (You can choose what information, like your name, age and location, is visible to the instructor and other riders.) I love that! Plus the way the livestream camera is positioned makes you feel like you are in the front row of the class, which is an interesting experience since I am normally tucked away in the very back row. There’s also the star appeal: you never know what athletes and celebs could be riding with you.” [See some below.]


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