Just when you thought superfoods like blueberries, salmons and avocados were the A-list of your entrees, enter superherbs, the latest must-have ingredients.

What are they? According to naturopathic doctor Rosalyn Hayman from the Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre, superherbs – technically known as adaptogens – are herbs that can help the body better adapt to stress aka LIFE. “They prevent the body from secreting too much cortisol and adrenalin and hence a person often feels they better tolerate stressful events.”

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How do you eat them? Superherbs can be taken as capsules, powders (perfect for your smoothies) or tinctures.

And how do you know what type is best for you? Talk to your naturopath; they will want to evaluate how you feel and maybe even test your saliva or hormones. And remember: you might not notice a change right away; our experts say it’s probably best to take superherbs for a month or more.

Here are some you may want to try.

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