Check out ELLE’s list of exercises to help you say au revoir to the winter blues and hello to summer-like happiness.

1. Laughter Yoga. When you laugh your spirits are lifted and you feel more energized. So why not pair the benefits of traditional yoga with a non-stop, full-blown, my-sides-are-splitting case of the giggles. This new yoga technique is catching on in Canada, since being developed in India in 1995, with classes straight across the country. When the average adult laughs only 12 times per day, 20 minutes of laughter yoga will give you the boost you need. Check out for a class near you.

2. Hula-hoop cardio. Remember the days when you were young and would try to get the hula-hoop around your waist as many times as possible? Well now you can bring back your childhood memories and tone your tummy. Toronto fitness centre, Orange Dot, offers a hula-hoop class that will whip your abs into shape and put a little kid smile on your face.

3. Do the Salsa! Ballroom dancing is all the rage and it’s not surprising that it gets you fit and makes you feel amazing. Dips, turns, and fast footwork get your heart racing and energy levels up. “We always get a great turnout for our salsa classes, it makes people feel good!” says Elizabeth Sadowska owner of Rhythm & Motion Dance Studio in Toronto. Plus you are in the embrace of a hot dance partner!

Share your tips for beating the winter blues with other ELLE readers in our forums!4. Hot Yoga. It may be getting cold outside, but step into a heated room that is over 100 degrees (over 37 degrees Celsius) and you will melt. Add in some intense yoga routines that are geared to boost energy. “Certain yoga postures help release the ‘mood’ hormone serotonin,” says Moksha Yoga Downtown co-owner Tracey DosAnjos. Plus you will feel like you are doing yoga on a tropical beach.

5. Belly Dancing. Swivel those hips and wiggle your behind into happiness and good health. A round of belly dancing classes can helps give your main core a workout while having fun dancing. Plus there is no better way to get in touch with your femininity than to learn the sexy art of belly dancing.

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