Gigi Hadid

“One week of workouts for me is super random, because it can start with a photoshoot on the beach where I’m running on the beach all day long, so in a way that’s a workout. I box. I ride my horses. I play volleyball—sometimes I’ll find my volleyball coaches that I still talk to once in a while and go train with the kids they coach now. They’re young kids but they’re all taller than me and great players and I love that. Workouts change so I do what I’m feeling like, what makes me happy, and how I’m having fun. I just do it naturally and let it be a part of my life.”

Sara Sampaio

“This past week was not very normal. I don’t do this all year long, but because of the show I did on Monday weight training. A lot of booty and heavy weights. The next day I might do Mile High Run Club for cardio in a running class. Then, the next day I’ll work with my trainer Joe Holder and do more resistance training, a lot of ab work, and then cardio the day after, and then weight training. The day before the show I don’t workout so my body feels well-rested.”

Lameka Fox

“I usually workout two to three times a week, I don’t want to overdo it because I naturally am pretty small. I want to stay toned so I do some interval training, I really like Pilates. I went to a new place, New York Pilates.”

Josephine Skriver

“I workout three to five times a week depending on travel. I love to use bodyweight. One day will be all about the butt, next day will be all about abs, then upper body, then rotating. I like to three days, then one day off, three days, then one day off.”

Kelsey Merritt

“The past few months I’ve been working out everyday—and sometimes twice a day. This past week I did pilates, if I feel good then I’ll do 30 minutes of cardio. I always make sure to put cardio in my workouts. I’ll do SoulCycle, then I’ll go on the treadmill. I will do strength training with a personal trainer at Dogpound. I do boxing sometimes, too!”

Duckie Thot

“I love to run. Running is great. I’ll do boxing in the morning then run over a bridge and back which is a good five miles. Then, I have a mat and leg weights at home. I keep it light and easy.”

Lais Ribeiro

“I like to switch it up, I like to do weight training, I’ll do pilates, yoga, and I normally workout about five days a week. so I’ll switch it off between those days. Weight training is my favorite, I love to build shape on my body. I’m a little bit on the smaller side, so I try and build up my butt.”

Jourdana Phillips

“One week of workouts includes a lot of weight lifting because I try to keep weight on because I’m naturally really thin. A lot of leg lifts with ankle weights. A lot of stretching and a lot of resistance band workouts. And that’s about it—a.whole lot of that!”

Candice Swanepoel

“I’ll do one day on, and one day off, one hour a day. I’ll do resistance training, running on the beach, lots of squats! I do boxing. Some days, if I’m tired, I’ll do yoga or more exercises where I get to lay on my side.”

Kendall Jenner

“I go to Gunnar Peterson, he’s the best and I’ve been working out with him forever religiously, and then I also do boxing, so I’m kind of in and out of both. I like hot yoga. I like things that will make me sweat.”