We’ve been getting a lot of action from the Victoria’s Secret angels lately (Insert dirty joke here.)

First we caught up with all the girls when we were invited to New York to attend their fashion show where we asked them about their top-secret beauty tips; then we reconnected with Chanel Iman on a press junket in Toronto to speak on behalf of our ELLE Canada Facebook fans to gossip about Valentine’s Day, and now our tour comes to an end (tear) with our recent interview with Lily Aldridge.

With 5 minutes at our disposal we focused on one thing, and one thing only: Her hair. Not sure if you’ve seen her in photos before (Google her!), but Lily is rocking a trend we’re too scared to try on our own: It’s called ombre hair. Ombre started appearing on the fashion circuit in spring 2008, first Christian Lacroix’s ombre-hued tights, then Céline took note of the dip-dye effect for her spring 2009 runway. Now the trend has somehow managed to lift off our clothes and onto our heads.

Have you heard of this new look yet? The above image of Lily doesn’t do her, well, ‘do as much justice, but here’s the issue: George Pimentel snapped a shot of Lily and I after our interview and she (and her locks) look amazing (quelle surprise), but me… not so much. Said picture is currently sitting in my Trash folder on my Desktop. Sorry.

If you want a deeper understanding of the trend, our web editor Jennifer Weatherhead is bona fide obsessed with it, so much so she created a photo gallery devouted entirely to it. If you want to try the look yourself, here’s what Lily has to say about it, followed by tips and tricks from celebrity hairstylist Yusef Williams on how to rock it right.

Find out Lily’s secrets on the next page…

Lily-high-res-boarder.jpgELLECanada.com: Our readers are obsessed with your hair. What’s the secret?

Lily Aldridge: My #1 secret is my hair colourist Tracey Cunningham in L.A. (Sidebar: Tracey has also worked on Drew Barrymore‘s hair before who is also sporting the ombre hair these days.) My hair is naturally dark brown so Tracey goes in, bleaches the ends to this light, blonde colour and makes it look really beachy and fresh. Tracey and I have known each other since I was four-years-old, so when I went to her, I told her I wanted my hair from my childhood. I had this incredible golden hue to it that I loved and she reimagined it for me today.

EC.com: Are you one of those girls that tries the DIY hair treatments at home?

LA: (Laughs) No! I’m so not one of those girls. I don’t douse my hair in mayonnaise or brush it 100 times. What I will tell you is that I take daily Omega fish oil supplements and I can’t tell you how much it improves my nails, skin and hair.

EC.com: Would you ever make like Halle Berry and cut off all of your locks?

LA: Never, ever! It happened to me once three years ago and I promise you I’ll never attempt it again. I don’t look good with short hair; my best look is when I wear it long. I’ve learned my lesson.

Now that you’ve fallen in love with it, here’s how to make it work for you:

EC.com: If we want to make this trend work for us, what should we be telling our colourists?

Yousef Williams: First off, please don’t think you can try this at home (You absolutely can’t!) What you don’t want is to take the highlights all the way to the roots but, instead, 2-3 inches away from the scalp. This gives you a more natural, bohemian look (like Lily’s). Also, after getting your hair colour, don’t rush for colour maintenance. Practise patience and the ombre affect will take hold.

Is there anything we can do, in between appointments, to keep our hair looking fresh and vibrant?

YW: Grapeseed Oil is great to prevent hair loss as well as strengthen it. One of my favourite products is MoroccanOil for a deep condition: It keeps your hair extra-shiny and healthy.

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