You cleanse, you moisturize and, twice a week, you slather on a fine-line-fighting mask all in the hopes of achieving a supple skin texture and that covetable, lit-from-within glow. But just above this sacred ground lays your scalp, an often-overlooked area that’s built from the very same skin that’s on your face. Today, women make use of an average of six skincare products to combat the first signs of aging, and yet nine out of 10 women aren’t paying the equivalent attention to their scalps. What gives?

Turns out, your scalp is subject to aging—and the resulting visible signs of damage, like flaking, itchiness and excess oils—much like your face is. A bevy of oxidative stressors (think environmental pollution, hormonal changes and high-intensity exercise) can impact the quality of growing hair from the follicle and cause everlasting damage. It’s why maintaining robust scalp health is imperative to achieving healthy-looking hair. It’s all about prevention: Protecting your hair with a scalp-care-specific shampoo and conditioner today helps promote healthy-looking strands in the future.

Enter Head & Shoulders, the ultimate multi-action scalp-care shampoo & conditioner. You’re plenty familiar with its dandruff-ousting reputation, but how about its proven skincare-inspired benefits? Head & Shoulders’ mega-moisturizing formulas and detoxifying properties work to rejuvenate the scalp while restoring balance and neutralizing the pH level. Consider it your first defence—and future-proofing security—against hair-dulling scalp irritants.

Best yet, Head & Shoulders’ award-winning shampoo-and-conditioner duo—infused with powerful active ingredients, including its patented zinc based active, zinc pyrithione –  hydrates and cares for the scalp’s surface similar to how luxe skin care moisturizes the skin on your face. An added bonus? It’s also colour safe.

The result is a protected, fully nourished foundation for healthy-looking hair to grow and flourish. Once you tend to your scalp’s unique needs, you’ll get more out of your bouncy blow-outs, third-day waves and every style in between.

You can buy Head & Shoulders Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for $15.99 on Amazon.