We love wedding season—especially with the span of formal (think
Gatsby-esque) and casual (garden, beach) occasions to inspire our looks. Not to mention the parties that follow.

“Consider the type and location of wedding you’re attending,” says Kelley Schedewitz, a Vancouver-based hair stylist and salon owner. “Is it formal or informal? Does it take place on a beach or in an art gallery? Your hair style should match the theme of the wedding.”

Schedewitz takes us through the top wedding hair styles this summer—and how to get each look—inspired by both black tie and seaside matrimonies.

Wedding hair styles for guests: The Gatsby gala

When it comes to themed weddings, movies are a great resource for hair styles—think
Sex and the City-inspired fascinators for an “I do” exchange at the museum. This year it’s all about the roaring twenties, thanks to the ever-enduring influence of the Jazz Age, ignited by Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of
The Great Gatsby. “You can take these looks and ask your stylist to modernize them for current day,” says Schedewitz, like
the Marcel finger wave for a polished flapper look. Be sure to decide in advance if you’ll be seeing a stylist that day or going for a DIY look. “If styling your own hair, be sure to practice ahead of time so there are no styling surprises on the day of,” she adds.

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With any look, choose a hair style that will complement—and not compete with—your outfit. “Your hair stylist is a wonderful resource for showcasing new looks,” says Schedewitz, who offers styling lessons at her salon to test-drive the latest hair styles each season. She also recommends browsing Pinterest and Facebook to glean images of celeb and
runway hair styles. Just be sure to keep your whole look in mind when deciding on a particular style. “Your hair, makeup, clothing and accessories should match the overall theme,” she says. “If one is from a different decade or season, your whole look will be off.”

SUMMER HAIR STYLES : Simple looks for every occasion

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Wedding hair styles for guests: A beach ceremony

“If it’s a daytime wedding on a beach, you can’t go wrong with loose, wavy curls,” Schedewitz suggests. “Wear hair down or half up, and accessorize with a small flower or simple hair comb.” Let the surrounding sun and sand influence your playful, laid-back look. Spritz Kevin Murphy Hair Resort in to hair for a tousled, beachy feel to curls. “To add some temporary sun-kissed highlights, run Kevin Murphy Shimmer Bug through ends."

If opting for an accessory, a simple beaded hair band works too. Just stay away from anything that could be considered bridal. “Accessories should be simple and less ornate,” she warns. “No jeweled tiaras!” As always, keep it simple and have extra bobby pins and travel-sized hairspray on hand for quick touch-ups. “It’s a long day!” says Schedewitz, who recommends using Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidty Spray to keep hair in place.

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Wedding hair styles for guests: The garden wedding

There are so many floral hairpieces and fascinators that can play into a garden-themed wedding. For a pretty, windswept look, try this hair style at home: “With hair curled, loosely pull the hair back into three ponytail sections at the back of the head, no higher than the ear. Secure with a clear elastic, and loosely braid each section—I like fishtail braids best,” says Schedewitz. Be sure to secure each braid at the bottom with another clear elastic. “Twist each section into a small bun and secure with bobby pins.” Spritz with a light hairspray (Schedewitz likes Oribe Superfine), and place a flower (or few) into the buns.

If you’re planning to top off your look with a fascinator, always check with the bride first—and keep yours smaller than hers. “My current favourite is Serena Lindeman, who styles regularly for the Melbourne Cup,” Schedewitz says.

CELEBRITY HAIR STYLES: Pretty looks to try

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armani-wedding-canvas.jpgWedding hair styles for guests: A grand affair

Have fun with formal wear (seriously). “This is the time to try out some of the more structured, smooth looks you’ve been dying to try,” says Schedewitz, listing off top-notch chic looks like elegant French twists, classic chignons, coiffed faux-bobs and smooth waves pulled sleekly to the side. “Accessories should match the formal feeling and not compete with the bride,” she adds. Try jeweled barrettes and combs here.

Black tie affair or not, “choose a style that you’re comfortable wearing and suits your face shape,” Schedewitz says. “Loose hair softly framing the face can soften your look, [while] a sweeping fringe can add a little drama and do wonders for hiding forehead wrinkles!”

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Wedding hair styles for guests: The hotel rooftop

“For the ultra-modern hotel rooftop wedding, you can’t go wrong with a high ponytail that matches perfectly with a cocktail dress,” says Schedewitz. “Pull the sides and back into a sleek ponytail using a boar bristle brush and spritz with a light hairspray.” Tie, and back comb the top section piece by piece and spray lightly, then smooth out the top and fasten with the rest of the ponytail using another elastic. To conceal the elastic, wrap a piece of hair from the ponytail around it. For a fun pop of a colour, “add in a coloured extension piece before securing,” she says.

Or try the ultra-glam faux bob for a chic look with layered, curly hair. Section off the bottom half of hair at the back from ear to ear and braid it. Twist, and pin up this section to hide the length. Then pull the remaining hair back and pin into the braided section for a red carpet-worthy bob. “For added drama, use Oribe 24K Gold Pomade on ends,” says Schedewitz. Now you’re ready for the fun part: the late-night celebration.

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