There are a few things we love that fall does for our beauty routine—it allows us lighten up on bronzer, and this season,
embrace our inner punk. Some of the best fall hairstyles we saw on the runways were badder, bolder versions of the classic bobs and
ponytails we’ve seen in past hair trends.

To help us navigate this season’s runway hair trends, we chatted with Rossa Jurenas, Schwarzkopf Professional essential looks artist, for her picks on the best fall hairstyles—and how to easily get each look yourself.


1. The wet look

One of our favourite
wash-and-go runway hairstyles this season comes to us by way of glossy, damp-looking waves seen at Prada and Alberta Ferretti. And they’re super easy to achieve, says Jurenas. Take a water-based pomade (Jurenas recommends Schwarzkopf OSiS Aqua Slide) and run it through damp hair. That’s it.

And while slick, hair isn’t greasy looking and still has a soft, pliable movement to it. Avoid using mousse and gel, which makes hair hard and crunchy-feeling.

2. Punk inspiration

This isn’t your hairstyle equivalent to teenage rebellion—it’s a glamourous, sophisticated punk in the form
messy braids and faux hawks. “Punk can sound too edgy and gothic,” says Jurenas when describing these runway hairstyles. “But it’s actually rich-looking.” Think strong and confident (and regal!) short haircuts at Louis Vuitton.

The best SHORT HAIRSTYLES for fall

For a more literal take on these punk-inspired runway hairstyles, there’s the chunky and disheveled coloured Mohawks at Jean Paul Gaultier. Or take your inspiration from
Rodarte’s runway look. “Try a simple braid for a rocker-punk look,” says Jurenas.

3. Airy, voluminous curls

Put down your flat iron, friends. Big-time volume is back this season. “Think cloud-like texture,” says Jurenas, citing the fluffy halo of curls seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs’ runway show this season. “It’s bigger hair for more shock value."

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fall-hair-page-two.jpgThe big, aerated waves are a loose interpretation of those sleek 1940s Hollywood glam curls—literally. “It’s not the finger wave—it’s a softer curl.” One of our favourite classic hair trends, the gelled, slicked-back Marcel wave has been brushed out for a naturally voluminous feel. “It’s soft but it has form,” she explains. “It’s controlled chaos.”

To get the pillowy waves seen at Bottega Veneta and Diane von Furstenberg, apply cushion rollers to damp hair at night. The next morning, brush out waves for a natural look. “It’s big hair pushed to the next level,” says Jurenas.


4. Disheveled ponytail
The best thing about the perfectly messy ponytail hair trends this fall is that you can easily achieve them on second-day hair (a complementary look to the voluminous curls you created the day before). “The next-day low ponytail will have a textured look to it,” explains Jurenas. Just spritz in a dry shampoo to soak up any excess oil and refresh the hair.

“The low pony should be disheveled,” she adds. Think the low-slung, messily pulled together fall hairstyles at Richard Chai and Lanvin. “Very soft and romantic.” And don’t worry about taking the look too far. “Don’t think, ‘is this piece hanging out too much?’” she assures. “Is it?”

5. Bold colour
Like the regal-looking fall hairstyles, “Colour is getting richer,” says Jurenas about the palette of intense reds on the runways this season. “The ombré look is slowly dissipating and we’re seeing hot, bold tonal colours cascading throughout the hair.” And it’s not one solid colour throughout—see the orange-coloured ponytails at Alexander Wang and purple-streaked faux hawks at Fendi “It’s bold accent pieces and tones pulled through the hair.” And of course, the marker of top fall hairstyles? “It’s very expensive-looking,” says Jurenas.

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