Winter 2013 hair trends

Top winter 2013 hair trends: Colour my world

What to make of the fiery orange dip-dyed tips at Prada and cobalt-streaked roots at Jean Paul Gaultier this winter? “Bright hair colour is in,” says Alain Larivée, Canadian creative consultant for John Frieda. For a more subtle take on this colourful trend, opt for a warm burgundy or copper shade from John Frieda’s Precision Foam Colour line for 2013 to overhaul to your brunette locks.

Top winter 2013 hair trends: Big bang theory

Bangs—whether cropped midway along the forehead (Versace) or loosely parted and falling over the eyes (Proenza Schouler)—made their mark on the Fall/Winter 2012-13 runways. “A heavy, long fringe is a great way to make a long face look more oval,” says Larivée. Just remember: “The look is hot but not very versatile,” he warns, alluding to the extra time required to style your fringed coif. “For first-timers, try a longer, layered fringe; this will allow you to style it in multiple ways and if you end up hating it, it won’t be too difficult to grow it out.” For a helpful lift, spritz John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion on towel-dried hair at the roots.

Top winter 2013 hair trends: Billowy bouffant

Sixties-inspired beehives and loose, windswept bouffants (the kind that would make June Cleaver blush) are back this season. To recreate at home, certain hair-raising techniques are necessary. “The proper way to backcomb or backbrush hair is by placing your brush or comb in the middle of a clean, knot-free, combed-out section of hair and pushing the mass right down to the base of the section right against the head,“ says Larivée. “Repeat until desired volume has been formed. You will have a pillow at the base of your style to support even the most bouffant of hairstyles.” Seal with a lightweight hairspray like John Frieda Crystal Clear.

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Top 2013 hair trends: Hair art

Whether it’s for a
just-styled runway bouffant or a sneaky way to mask day-old tresses,
adding hair accessories are the perfect way to enhance your finished look. Take an
undone, messy ponytail for example, says Rob Pizutti, master colourist at Blyss salon in Yorkville. “And slip on a beautiful jeweled head band for contrast.” Only the portion in front of the headband needs to appear polished, he adds—think the sleek headbands over beehive blowouts at Carolina Herrrara or bird’s nest buns at Chanel. “The trick is, when you want to wear your hair big, then make sure your hairline from ear to ear is in control and off your face.”

Top 2013 hair trends: Pony girl

“Forget the tight gym pony, “ says Pizutti. “Leave your hair lose and a bit undone.” Think low-slung and flowing at Rochas and Dries Van Noten. “Grab a few random sections and curl them before you pull back hair.” For a runway twist? “
Make a medium braid using one section of the back of your hair then tie the rest back. Use the braid to wrap around and hide the elastic for a finished pony.“

Spring 2013 hair trends

Top 2013 hair trends: Making waves

Those tousled, just-rolled-out-of-bed curls seen at Stella McCartney are easy to achieve when you start in the shower—after just rolling out of bed, of course. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner, and follow with heat-induction hot rollers with a velcro coating, says Larivée. “It’s the best of both worlds: the finish of a velcro roller set and the practicality and ease of hot rollers.” Set with a
smoothing cream such as John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon and a
deep side part as seen at Lanvin.

Top 2013 hair trends: Hey, slicker

The hottest finish to a tidy bun this season is a slick (and sleek) side part in the front, seen at Altuzarra. “Slicked-back hair looks best when sculpted on wet hair with a strong holding gel,” says Larivée. Or try Rag and Bone’s take on the wet look: sweep hair back away from the face and tie into a low-slung pony.

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Top 2013 hair trends: All in a twist

Get a fashionably messy twist, featuring the Mulberry side braid crawling along the crown. To start: “The
best hair is unwashed— having some of the natural oils is key,” says Carla Pisegna, hair stylist and runway expert at Blyss Salon. “Prep the hair by spraying a texture spray.” She suggests Davines Wizards No.14 Sea Salt Primer. “Push hair to the side— if you have shorter layers that a braid won’t hold, I like to create a loose ponytail first. Then braid hair and tie with a clear elastic,” she says. “Lightly pull hair at the crown to create some more volume—the messier the better!” Before
finishing with a hairspray, she adds, hold the base of the braid and run your hand up the braid to allow for some loose hairs to come undone.

Top 2013 hair trends: Grunge appeal

Dig up your ripped jeans and
Nevermind record— we’re heading back to the ‘90s for some good ol’ nostalgic grunge. For the chicly undone look seen at Dries Van Noten, start with second-day tresses. Lightly mist hair with a sea salt spray to create a beach-wave texture, says Pisegna. Section hair into four braids and blow dry. Let cool and undo braids while spritzing with the texturizing spray. Blow dry bangs to a smooth finish and tousle with a texturizing cream to match the rest of your unruly tresses. “Big, messy but perfectly runway in record time!” she says.

Top 2013 hair trends: Loop-the-loop

To ensure the perfectly pulled and looped buns seen at Ralph Lauren and Gucci this season, your most important tool is a handheld mirror, says Pisegna. Also your hands—“no brushes or combs, please!” Gather hair behind your nech and tie tightly at ear level. “Once the ponytail is in, hold tightly where the elastic sits and begin to loosen hair slowly at the crown to create some
lift and volume in your ponytail,” she says. “If you’re happy with the front then this is where the hand held mirror comes into play—check your profile. Always!” Use a curling iron to create waves in your pony and seal with texturizing spray for a messy finish. Then divide the ponytail in half; twist one section and wrap around the ponytail, and secure with bobby pins. “Repeat with the other section, except wrap in the other direction to create balance in the bun.”

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