There are few better feelings than walking out of the salon with a sleek hairstyle, emboldened by a fresh colour. But a little down the road, you have to face the consequences of colouring your hair, which is now a faded, tangled, dull and brittle mess.

When hair has been colour-treated, it’s more prone to damage from water, UV rays and combing. As a result, it’s disrupted at three levels—the core, middle and surface—becoming extremely sensitized and hard to care for.

What would you say if you could get the colour you want and not worry about damage? Now you can, thanks to Kérastase’s luxe Chroma Absolu range, a new generation of colour care. The science-backed line works to support and strengthen hair fibres from the inside out. The result? Soft, shiny, hydrated strands that look healthy and still have that beautiful hue.

The range harnesses the power of potent ingredients like Centella asiatica, an antioxidant-rich medicinal herb from Central Asia that has soothing properties that nourish weak hair; amino acids, which can penetrate strands to strengthen them from within; shine-enhancing tartaric acid, which softens hair and protects it from oxidative stress; and smoothing lactic acid, which tames frizz and protects hair from minerals that dull colour. And it’s all topped off with an indulgent, sensual fragrance—with notes of neroli, cardamom, orange blossom and sandalwood—that feels just as vivacious as your colour will remain.

Because Kérastase knows that different hair types and textures react differently to colour treatments, the Chroma Absolu line features nine products so you can customize a regimen that addresses your specific needs. Choose between two protective shampoos that hydrate hair and preserve pigment intensity and four treatments that deal with concerns like porosity, brittleness and unwanted red undertones in darker hues. To up your hair-care game even further, there are also three priming products launching with the pro-stylist-approved line that are only available at salons and are designed to be used as boosters between colour treatments.

The short version? Kérastase’s Chroma Absolu products are basically gold in a bottle for colour-treated hair—and that’s something we all deserve.


Bain Chroma Respect, Kérastase

price: $47


Bain Riche Chroma Respect

Price: $47


Soin Acide Chroma Gloss, Kérastase

price: $72