While we’ve been debating whether or not to adopt glitter into our daily makeup routines, another sparkly trend has emerged: glitter parts.

“I was trying out [glitter parts] for photoshoots and competitions, and I really liked the look so I thought, why not wear it out?” says Vancouver-based hairstylist Elissa Wolfe. Consider it for the holiday season: Instead of a centre part, which can read Coachella-bound, Wolfe recommends a deep sidepart with waves. (Other hairstyles Wolfe says are prime to be dressed up with glitter: pixie cuts and undercuts.)



To try the trend, you’ll need crafting glitter (“Highly important,” says Wolfe. “It’s not makeup glitter, it’s not as fine – it’s a bigger glitter”), pomade and hairspray. Spread the pomade along your part line, then generously apply the glitter overtop and spread out any clumps with a comb. “Crafting glitter comes in its own applicator, so it’s coming out right from the bottle – you can shake it on like a salt and pepper shaker,” says Wolfe. “Freehand glitter would probably work, but it would get everywhere.”



A photo posted by Joellen Lu (@joellenlove) on Oct 5, 2015 at 7:35pm PDT


Once the glitter is in place, shellac everything down with a generous spritz of hairspray. When it comes time for removal, first loosen up the glitter with comb. “One shampoo probably won’t do,” says Jessica Gonzalez a colourist at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles who, like Wolfe, first came across the trend a few months ago. “You really gotta get in there but there still may be some glitter sneaking around for the next shampoo.”


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