You know that thing you do twice, maybe three times a week? Sofia Vergara does it every single morning. (We’re talking washing hair, of course.) “We start shooting around 7 a.m., so by 5, I’m already in the shower,” says the Modern Family star. “I have to wash my hair every day, even though they tell you that you shouldn’t. If not, I don’t feel like I’m awake.”

As a Head & Shoulders ambassador, Vergara gets first dibs on the newest formulas – there are bottles all over the house, she admits – but other than that daily shampoo, her beauty routine is surprisingly low maintenance. “In the summer, I air-dry my hair, and I usually wear a hat so the sun doesn’t dry it out. At nighttime, I put coconut oil in it.” Her exercise regimen is equally low-key. “I have a gym at home, but I’m kind of lazy when it comes to working out. I do it [to fight] aging and for health.” Clearly, it’s working.


“It’s really uplifting in the morning. It smells like peppermint,” says Vergara of the Head & Shoulders Instant Cooling Relief Shampoo ($4.96), at drug stores and mass-market retailers.