The ideal hairstyle for your workout

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Find out which hairstyles work best for each type of workout according to professional hairstylist Domenic Gialleonardo. 

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    Keep your flyaways at bay as you break a sweat. 
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    High-Intensity Interval Training

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    All those burpees and squat jumps get the heart pumping, sure, but they also get the sweat pouring. Gialleonardo recommends a high pony to keep hair in place—brush all of your hair up to the crown of your head and tie it with a spiral elastic.
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    Keep your hair out of your face during your downward dog with a simple twisted bun. Brush all of your hair up toward the back of your head and secure it with an elastic. Twist the pony and then wrap it around the elastic, using bobby pins to secure.
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    Try a low pony or a cotton headband—or both. Cotton will help absorb the sweat around the hairline. If you’re running outside, be sure to use product with UV spray to protect strands from the sun.
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    Barre Class

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    A ballet bun is so predictable. Switch it up with chic braids. Use the back end of a comb to create a middle part, and then secure each side of the hair with elastics and braid both ponytails. Smooth away flyaways with a lightweight gel or cream.
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