When Guido Palau, hair genius and Redken global creative director, suggests cutting off most of your hair and bleaching it blonde, you, the model, don’t call your agent, you just sit down and start crowdsourcing the names of good hair masks. This was the case at Alexander Wang, where 18 girls were given “extreme” makeovers – though Palau is loath to call them such. 

“Nothing really seems extreme anymore, you know what I mean?” said Palau of the sexy, surfer girl looks he created, echoing the sentiment he shared with us in Paris last season.

“They were big changes,” he concedes. “It’s extreme in the fact that 18 girls were willing to cut their hair and dye their hair.” Allowances that were perhaps either helped or hindered by the newly bleached blonde Kylie Jenner, who, when it came time for the show, sat front row center.  



Palau used Redken Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray to texturize and Rough Paste 07 to give definition to the hair. 

(Courtesy of Redken)