What better time to get back on track when it comes to healthy hair than spring? With the wardrobe and makeup changes, we say it’s time for a spring cleaning job when it comes to your hair care. To ensure gorgeous hair this spring and summer (and the rest of the year), we turned to some of the country’s top experts for hair care tips so you can achieve healthy, younger-looking hair right now.

Healthy hair tip #1: Eat the right foods

Protein is the building block of every hair strand, so be sure to pile your plate with protein-rich foods like meats, eggs and nuts. “Incorporating omega-3 rich foods like these into your diet will result in shiny, lustrous hair over time,” says Christina Kolovos, Senior Stylist at Donato Salon Spa in Toronto. “B-complex vitamins promote new cell growth within hair follicles and zinc supplements will help to strengthen your locks from the inside out.” And did you know that even exercise can make your hair look better? “Increased circulation promotes healthy hair development, as perspiring is a natural lubricant and protective barrier for the hair.”

Healthy hair tip #2: Try essential oils

Glistening hair took centre stage at a number of spring 2012 shows including Alberta Ferretti and Elie Saab, where hairstylists saturated models’ strands with argan oil to create a glossy finish. Exotic oils (harvested from trees located in places like Morocco and Africa) are now a common hair care ingredient. In addition to nourishing the hair, they help shorten styling time by making hair easier to manage with fewer tangles. Styling oils like Göt2b Oil-licious contains argan oil (from the Moroccan Argan tree) that is loaded with vitamin E to improve the hair health, while making it appear glossier. It also contains marula oil (extracted from the South African marula tree) and white grapeseed oil that gives frizzy hair added moisture and a smooth finish. “Many women worry that oils will weigh their mane down, but they actually absorb directly into the hair cuticle leaving it with a shiny, weightless finish,” says Kolovos, who likes Kerastase Elixir Ultime—a blend of four exotic oils that can be used for multiple purposes. “You can use it before cleansing to remove impurities, as a blow-dry lotion for protection, or apply the product as a finishing touch for enhanced shine and frizz control,” she says.

Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp, so Kolovos also recommends
adding essential oils—aromatic liquids derived from plants and flowers—to shampoo for added benefits. “Essential oils stimulate the hair follicles and sebaceous glands in the scalp. Lavender essential oil is a popular option because it will help balance the scalp whether it’s overly dry or overly oily, as well as promote hair growth,” she says. Rosemary essential oil clarifies the hair by eliminating build-up on the scalp, while yling ylang essential oil adds thickness to the hair shaft and minimizes split ends.

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Healthy hair tip #3: Protect your hair from heat damage

While big blowouts were a spring staple at Versace and Anna Sui, excessive heat from hot tools and blow dryers can damage the hair shaft, leaving it looking dull and brittle.“When using hot tools such as flat irons, curling irons or blow dryers, always use a thermal protecting styling product such as Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant to prevent damage and give hold to your style,” says Lance Blanchette, Joico International Guest Artist. Split ends will travel up the hair shaft quicker if you use hot tools on a daily basis, so be sure to book in for regular trims to keep ends looking healthy. “You’ll eliminate some of the damage if you get your hair cut every four to six weeks,” says Alain Larivée, Canadian Creative Consultant for John Frieda. “In between visits to the salon, use products that help reverse heat damage like John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion.”

Healthy hair tip #4: Deep conditioning

Repeated colouring and chemical application can damage the hair, leaving it dry with a loss of lustre. “Hair is a natural fibre, so any chemical enhancement will alter its condition, with bleaching causing the most damage,” says Kolovos. She recommends always following up a colour service with an
intensive hair treatment to bring hair back to its optimal condition. Many salons offer treatments as part of their services, or you can try a product at home like TRESemmé Rejuvenating Mud Masque infused with Dead Sea minerals. In addition to deeply conditioning and strengthening dry hair, this mask exfoliates the scalp, removing product build up so hair health is optimal at the root.

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