While playing Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner dyed her naturally blond hair red weekly. “It’s almost like acting, like you’ve got on a different role,” says Turner. “I immediately stepped into that character—the power and strength. But when I go back to blond, that’s also an empowering change. It’s very comforting because it’s my natural colour—there’s a confidence that comes with that.” Here, the Wella ambassador talks redheads, Justin Bieber and the food she can’t get enough of in Montreal. 


On joining Wella:

I always kind of knew that I wanted to collaborate with Wella. From the moment I started working on Game of Thrones, I used Wella products. When I dyed my hair red, I always used Wella and it kept my hair in such amazing condition. So when they brought the opportunity to me, of course, I wouldn’t go with anyone else. I don’t use anyone else’s products because I trust Wella so much and I was so excited to become the ambassador for them.

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On her favourite redheads (other than Sansa Stark): 

Jessica Chastain! Actually, I just had lunch with her—I love her. I think it also has to do a lot with her personality, she’s the best. She is amazing and is gorgeous and I love her natural red hair, it’s just so beautiful. She’s definitely a redheaded icon.


On Montreal (where she filmed X-Men):

It’s so much fun! I spent pretty much five months there, and about six months there three years ago. The food is incredible, the people are so friendly and the night life is amazing. The poutine—oh my god. They have truffled poutine at one place! 


On the celeb who left her starstruck: 

I met Bieber when I was younger, and me, being a typical 13-year-old fan girl, I was so excited to meet him. We were watching a boxing match at a house in Miami and he was there, which was really fun. He left me a bit starstruck! 




“Now that I have the tools in place, I feel like I can try any hair colour,” says Turner. She treats her hair with Wellaplex No3 Hair Stabilizer ($31.67), at wella.com once a week. 


This article originally appeared in the May 2018 issue of ELLE Canada.