With all that we put our hair through (we’re talking straightening, curling, blow drying, twisting, pulling, colouring, etc.) it’s no wonder our locks are screaming out for a little TLC. The best way to get your hair back to its shiny self is to simply take a break from all that wreaks havoc on our locks. We asked the experts to dish on how to simplify your hair routine and get back to basics.

Give your hair a break

There are so many we do to change our hair, but an easy way to reduce stress on your tresses is to limit your styling products. “Use less styling products and give your heat styling tools a break,” suggests
celebrity stylist Harry Josh. But if you are still using heat tools, be sure to use protecting products such as
Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat, that will help protect and strengthen hair during a heat process. “Even taking a break from the flat iron for a few days will be a good for your hair,” explains Josh. If you must use heat styling tools,
Redken International Artist, Marilyn Rose, says to turn down the heat a notch to lessen the burden on your locks. “Think about giving your hair a break by lowering the temperature on your flatirons and curling irons while using a
heat styling product like
Redken Satinwear 02 – an ultimate blow‐dry lotion.”

The shampoo and condition debate

How often should you be washing and conditioning your hair? It’s a question hairstylists are often asked and the bottom line is, it really depends on your hair type. “You should wash your hair, at most, every other day and at the least one a week (depending on your hair’s texture),” says Josh. “Fine hair needs to be washed more often and dry, coarser hair less frequently.” Conditioning should be done every time you wash, according to Josh, but the way you condition also depends on your hair type. “Fine hair only needs to be conditioned on the ends of the hair where coarser/frizzy hair can be conditioned from roots to ends.”

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Heavy styling tips

Even if we try to give our hair a break, there will always be times when we need a boost from styling products and tools. The key is to protect your strands in the process. “Heat protecting is the most importing tip for
protecting your hair,” insists Josh. “Use products that have heat protectant or use a product specific to heat protecting like
Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat, because the protective spray works with heat tools to condition and straighten strands while helping to block humidity and rehydrate hair for ultra-safe styling.” Rose also recommends a trip to the salon before or after you do some major styling. “A visit to your local salon for a deep conditioning treatment is always a great idea.” Protecting your locks while styling will result in healthier hair in the long run.

Eliminate this from your routine

“Eliminate over styling,” says Josh. “If you wash your hair every three days you don’t need to restyle it every day in-between,” Josh suggests using products that will keep your style longer, such as dry shampoo for a bit of lift instead of reaching for a heat tool. “Also, if you have amazing natural waves or curls – embrace them – women aren’t capitalizing on their natural hair texture enough!”

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Your new hair routine

If your daily routine for hair is eating up most of your morning, give your self and your hair a break (and get some extra sleep!) by reducing how much styling you do. Rose recommends the following as a routine:

1. Stop shampooing everyday

2. Start conditioning regularly

3. Use a weekly treatment

4. Ensure that heat‐protecting products are being used and the temperature of the hot tools are at 340 degrees F or lower. This is especially important when dealing with fine or highlighted hair.

Easy “give-your-hair-a-break” styles

Josh’s favourite style to ease stress on your hair is a simple, chic bun. “A loose bun always looks good and it allows you to avoid a lot of product or heat styling tools. “A loose bun always looks good and it allows you to avoid a lot of product or heat styling tools.”

Rose agrees that working with your hair’s texture will result in better style. “Start working with your hair’s natural wave or body,” she suggests. “
Redken Wool, Shake 08 will provide volume and enhance your natural texture. Spray in and scrunch hair while letting it air dry or lightly diffuse with a hair dryer on low heat.”

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