Spring is still weeks away (hopefully) and things can start to look pretty dull, especially when it comes to the effect that the lack of vitamin D all season has had on our hair. But it’s time to shine through—we asked Alain Larivée, celebrity hair stylist and Canadian creative consultant for John Frieda, for his expert hair care tips on how to brighten up the rest of winter with
healthy, shiny hair.

Shiny hair: Get multi-dimensional hair colour

It’s always this time of year where the winter blues are in full swing—spring is so close and yet so far—and the lack of sun all season has given a
dull appearance to our skin and hair. Plus the major hair colour overall we made at the start of the New Year is beginning to fade. “It’s the perfect time to play with colour a little more and
add lighter effects to hair,” says Larivée. “I don’t believe that people should be sporting the same colour year round.” Alter your shade with highlights to create highs and lows throughout, he adds.

Shiny hair: Refresh your colour mid-season

Unless you managed a mid-winter beach escape this season, chances are that your skin has lost that sun-kissed glow and can no longer hold court with your shining
ombré hairstyle. This is where the appeal of skin-brightening hair colour comes in: “Add something to give hair richness and brightness,” encourages Larivée. And the update itself can be subtle and still have a mega-wattage impact. “Don’t go too crazy
switching up hair colour, otherwise you may end up hating it.”

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For cues on how to safely refresh seasonally dulled locks, Larivée recommends flipping through a photo album (on Facebook or in real life) to see the different colours of your hair history, assessing which shades made you look your brightest. “It will help to remind you of how you felt with that hair colour when you look at that picture.” Even if you don’t return to your
sun-streaked blonde days, “Use it but as source of inspiration for your hair stylist,” he adds.

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shiny-hair-page-two.jpgShiny hair: Protect your investment
The best defense against fast-fading colour and dry, winter hair is to maintain an arsenal of hair products that will keep locks healthy and shiny, while preventing colour from bleeding out. “You want hair to look like it’s been freshly coloured,” he says about prolonging that natural shine. “Protect your investment with the right type of product.”

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This means using the right colour-preserving shampoo and conditioner for blondes, browns, red heads—whatever your shade.

Shiny hair: Keep your locks glossy

Now is the time of year where people invest in toners and glossing treatments at the salon to refresh the sheen of their hair. “But it can be an expensive habit and it’s exposing hair to more chemicals,” warns Larivée. To maintain shiny hair at home, try John Frieda’s Colour Refreshing Gloss—an ammonia and peroxide-free hair treatment to boost the vibrancy of your hair colour. “It’s going to help seal the cuticle, preserve the hair colour, get a nice, beautiful shine,” he says.

Shiny hair: Winter getaway hair care

If you’ve decided to skip out on the tail end of winter for the warmth and sunlight of basically anywhere south of here—we totally support your decision. Just make sure to maintain proper conditioning and sun-protection hair care while away to avoid further dulling your locks. “If you’re going somewhere remote, bring your products with you,” he advises.

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Otherwise, head to the local drug store upon arrival and pick up a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner—and a nourishing hair oil, while you’re at it. “Comb it through wet hair after day on the beach, and it fixes the damage that was caused by the sun that day.” And if you’re going swimming, put a cap on.

It’s these simple tricks hair care tricks that will get us through the rest of the season, shining.

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