If we really spend one-third of our lives in bed, as the oft-repeated statistic says, don’t we deserve to actually sleep in luxury?

Enter Slipssy, a Canadian brand that’s bringing a whole new meaning to “beauty sleep.” Like most of us, the brains behind the brand were familiar with the research about how much time we spend in bed and knew things had to change—for the better. After 18 months of steadfast research and work with expert textile craftspeople, scientists and beauty experts, they launched a unique and innovative pillow cover that is truly unlike anything you’ve ever used before.

Slipssy doesn’t consider its product a standard sleeping accessory; instead, the brand approaches it as a wellness and beauty essential. And it has the hardware to prove it: Slipssy recently won the 2022 innovation product award at Montreal’s Les Nouvelles Esthétiques et Spa convention.

Trust us, you need to try this pillow cover. Here are four reasons why.

It’s skincare while you sleep

How often do you wake up with stubborn pillow creases on your face? And have you noticed that as you’ve gotten older, they take longer to fade? The fact is, regardless of the type of sleeper you are (back, side, belly), the continued repetition of certain sleep movements of your skin on a normal pillowcase can be abrasive, causing your skin to fold up and create wrinkles. But not anymore. The combination of high-quality fibres that Slipssy uses for its two-layer pillow cover system (placed between the pillow and the pillow case) reduces friction against the skin by up to 70 percent. The ultra-comfortable material “follows” your head as it naturally moves at night (versus sticking to the pillow itself), minimizing its impact your skin. Essentially, you’re targeting a major source of wrinkles instead of treating them after they appear.

It’s also good for your hair

Slipssy not only offers a little TLC to your skin but looks after your hair too. The non-stop friction from your hair on a normal pillowcase naturally leads to breakage, tangles, knots and more. (Hello, major bedhead.) Because of the reduction in friction they provide, Slipssy products help minimize that damage, resulting in happier, healthier hair.

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The pros love it

If the skincare and hair-care benefits aren’t enough to convince you, how about this: Slipssy has been recommended by clinicians, plastic surgeons, aesthetic-medicine doctors and other industry leaders. Those who tried it immediately saw an improvement in their comfort at night and their quality of sleep.

The brand is socially minded

Beyond its excellent product, Slipssy is also on a mission to make a positive impact. Specifically, the brand is committed to social equity and empowering women and children in vulnerable environments, partnering with small charities that work directly in their communities. The Slipssy sewing school will soon be launched in Colombia, where the pillow covers are manufactured.

Slipssy Pillow Cover

slipssy pillow cover

Price: from $120