When you have a slew of beauty experts at the snap of your fingertips, just like an A-list celebrity, it’s no wonder you would look flawless 24/7. Sadly, most of us don’t have those luxuries, but we can still take inspiration from the stars for beauty looks and hairstyles.

Curly-haired celebs
From perfect pin curls to unruly manes (natural or not), we love these celebs sporting curly hair. Their curly coifs make straight-haired girls bring out the curling iron, and curly-haired girls super envious.

Stars with short hair

From pixie cuts to beautiful bobs, our favourite celebrity hair looks are often all about shorter locks. Use these images as inspiration for your next cut, or only dream about lobbing off your longer locks.

Making the cut: Must-have celebrity hairstyles
Celebs and “it” girls always seem to have good hair days. What’s their secret? Well, having hairstylist at your beck and call helps. But if you’re wondering if that hot celeb hairstyle will work on you – find out here.

Red hair in Hollywood
Feisty, fiery and bold, some of our fave celebrities are rocking red hair — and have the attitude to match! Check out our favourites, both naturally redheads and non-natural.

Hair flops
Even with a slew of beauty experts, celebrities can make a huge hair faux pas. Here are a few of our fave celebs who normally have amazing locks, but have missed the hair mark.

Hair switch up

Does the shade and cut make all the difference when it comes to hair? For celebrities, absolutely, it can make or break your career. See these stars who have switched their hair to change their careers.