When it comes to hair colour, we kind of have to agree that blonds might be having more fun. At least in the summer. We round up the best reasons to go blond and how to keep that sunny shade pristine with a little help from our pro-hairstylist friends.

One major reason to go blond? Dimension

One colour hair is flat and boring. Upping your shade a notch or two lighter can really enhance high and low lights in your hair. Go a step a further and really have fun with the new blond tones that are taking the fashion and celebrity world by storm. “Consumers are seeing celebrities and models with the new blonds and want to make the change on their own hair,” says John Beeson, Colour Director at Sassoon Toronto. “The new pearl blonde tones for the fall/winter season work with many skin tones.” Think lilac, silver and gray-blond for your next update.

Protect, protect, protect!
“Sun, sand, water, all the things that make for an amazing summer can wreak havoc on your blond tresses,” explains Luis Pacheco, Clairol Consulting Colourist. “The best offense is a good defense, so be prepared to defend your colour against the elements.”

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Use the right hair care system
“Blond hair is very porous and the color can be affected dramatically from free radicals in the air and water. It’s important to use the right hair care to help prevent this,” says Sean Godard, International Performing Artist for Redken. Godard suggests using Redken’s Blonde Glam hair care solutions to “maintain the clarity of the blond by gently cleansing and brightening the strands.”

Avoid damage
Unfortunately for all you non-natural blonds, the hue doesn’t come easy. All that processing equals damaged hair. To help maintain your colour, you may need to pare back on your heat styling, says Pacheco. “Embrace the opportunity that summer brings to let your hair hang naturally without fussing with it too much. Find your hair unruly in the morning? Try braiding it at night for luscious waves in the morning, sans styling!” That will help keep your colour fresh longer.

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“You want your hair colour to make a statement,” says Christophe Robin, a Paris-based colourist for L’Oréal Professionnel, “but you don’t want it to shout.” With so many different blonds available, finding the ideal hue is a real challenge. “Natural, golden blondes that are multi-dimensional look best,” says Beeson, who suggests that women opt for a hair colour that isn’t too drastic and complements their natural skin tone. A lighter, “neutral blond” flatters most, whereas golden or ashy shades can wash out your complexion and make you look older.

Give it a refresh
Liven up locks between long weekends this summer. “Toners after and in between colouring will add dimension, tone and refresh tired hair,” says Kim Vo, celebrity hair stylist and Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME ambassador.