There’s a reason why Oribe products are in the toolkit of many hairdressing professionals and in the bathroom of a ton of beauty lovers: the brand’s products combine high performance, innovation and luxury. Oribe Canales, editorial and celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Oribe, wanted every product in the brand to be a tool with which he could express his artistry.

The famous Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, which has achieved cult status since its launch, is a perfect example. “In the old days, a lot of the session hairstylists would use interesting things before stylers were invented. They would use olive oil, Nivea cream, salt and water… and they would use dry shampoo to kind of create texture, but the problem, Oribe would always say, is that he didn’t like the grip and the grind so he was the first to invent a styler that could be used at the separation for volume. That was really a breakthrough product,” says Daniel Kaner, President and co-founder of Oribe.

While Canales sadly passed away in December 2018, his passion, talent and flamboyant personality continue to vibrate through the brand he launched in 2008 alongside Kaner. In fact, it’s a tribute to his extensive career—he styled the industry’s top models, worked for years with Jennifer Lopez and worked on 36 consecutive ELLE US covers. The hair brand is now launching a limited edition of its Dry Texturizing Spray featuring an illustration of Canales as a smiling muscle man with his sleeve of colourful tattoos, which his longtime friend and collaborator Alvaro did for him in the 1990s. “If you go back in time and went to the Elizabeth Arden salon, there were these amazing murals on the wall that were painted by Alvaro – [for example] mermaids with Cindy, Naomi, Linda or Claudia’s faces all over,” says Kaner.


If you’re familiar with the luxurious, high-end essence of the brand, Kaner says this illustration represents “The swagger [and fashionable-spirit of Oribe and its co-founders.] When we developed the brand, we started to give it a voice.”

He also recalls Canales’ special gift of bringing people from all walks of life together around him: “If you would go back in time in the Arden salon, there he is in his chrome leather chaps, chrome vest, his cool hair, and there is a young Ru Paul, a young Cindi Lauper, a younger Henry Kissinger—celebrities, club kids, it was minestrone soup. No one had that! Nothing like that exists today.”

Alvaro’s iconic illustration will also be painted on walls in Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles and New York this coming year. “I think he would have been so humbled, so proud, so honoured. He would have been speechless.”


Dry Texturizing Spray Limited Edition

Price: $60