While now is not the time to head out to a hair salon (you’re self-isolating, right?), you can still plan for the future. If you’re dreaming of a hair colour revival – these will be the four biggest hair colour trends for summer – but aren’t the type to go full-on Dua Lipa, here are the best options to switch up your look without a complete colour overhaul.

1. Try “Twilighting”

Haven’t heard of it? It’s a new term, explains hairstylist Jason Lee. “Twilighting is a technique that combines very-fine highlights and very-subtle balayage,” he says. “Twilighting is great because it grows out really well. It adds a little bit of natural dimension to the hair without changing your entire look.” Pro tip: Do your homework and find a colourist that has a keen eye for blending to keep the look subtle and low-maintenance as it grows out. 

2. Get a Glossing Treatment

If a glass-like finish is what you’re after, colourist Luis Pacheco recommends a conditioning gloss treatment. It has a high-acidity content to tighten the hair cuticle and create a highlight-like reflection. “With glossing you can [also] shift the tone of the hair,” says Pacheco. A salon-performed glossing treatment will even out brassy tones, eliminate dullness and enhance vivid hues. On uncoloured hair, a clear gloss treatment creates shine and brings out natural dimension. 

3. Go Solid

If you have grown weary of all the babylights, highlights, lowlights and ombre of the last decade, consider paring your colour back to a single-shade look. “It’s a reset for many people,” says Lee. “It feels like a fresh, clean slate, especially for spring.” There’s no shortage of celeb inspo if you need ideas: “Ashley Benson recently showed off a solid lighter brown, which was a shift from her regular highlighted and balayage look,” says Lee. “Awkwafina’s solid natural hair colour works well with her modern take on fashion. Nicole Scherzinger is mega hot right now with the return of the The Pussycat Dolls and her solid colour feels very current.”

4. Blend Your Greys

“Grey hair was a major trend on Instagram and now we’re seeing Jane Fonda and Sharon Osmond embrace it, too,” says Lee. The first step is to strip any existing colour and begin lightening the hair so it blends with your natural grey. “Adding ashy, baby-fine lowlights will give the illusion of a naturally grey look, as will using toners that cancel out any underlying yellow hues.” For a full breakdown on transitioning to grey hair, check out our guide here. 


PSA: If you’re going to pay $$ for a colour treatment, make sure you’re locking it in with a colour-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and a mask containing collagen and keratin to strengthen the cuticle. Pacheco said it best: “It’s like buying an expensive Versace silk shirt and then just throwing it in the wash with Tide. Take that sh*t to the dry cleaner.” 

The Best Products for Coloured Hair:

Color Wow Dream Coat ($35)


Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color ($57)


TO112 Mask for Damaged Hair ($63)