Winter doesn’t just bring snow and cold temperatures — it also brings a new set of hair havocs. Dry air, blowing snow, wind, static, and indoor heat can all cause your hair to misbehave, look dull and downright lousy. But to make sure your hair doesn’t suffer throughout the cold months, we asked top stylist, Justin German, co-owner of chic Yorkville salon Shagg and a Pantene spokesperson, for his best winterizing hair care tips.

The culprit: Wind
That cold winter can whip your hair around into a tangled mess, undoing your polished and shiny look you had before you went outside.
The fix: Top your locks off with a stylish hat for the ultimate way to keep the wind at bay. German suggests using a leave-in conditioner after each wash to build stronger hair and help keep tangles away. “If you do get to the office and have some tangles and fly aways, mist a bit of leave in conditioner in the hair (great for curly hair), or smooth it out with a shine boosting serum.”

The culprit: Static
You get to the office, remove you slinky silk Hermes scarf and all of a sudden you have a halo of static hair around your face.
The fix: Nix your summer hair conditioner and opt for one with a higher PH level. “The higher the PH level, the more it counteracts the static,” explains German. “You’ll have less static in your hair the more you condition it, so also use a leave-in conditioner in a spray or a cream to keep your hair from getting dry.”

The culprit: Breakage
Your normally lustrous locks seem fragile and break whenever a hair elastic comes near.
The fix: “Never, ever go outside with your hair wet or damp!” warns German. “You can freeze the hair and it becomes very easy to break, even on healthy, strong hair.” To help boost your hair’s strength, try a deep conditioning treatment once a week that is rich in protein to help prevent damage. “Put it on just washed hair and wrap you head in a towel or shower cap and leave it on for 20 minutes,” says German. And be sure to get your regular 8-week trim — even if you’re growing it out — to keep the ends soft and healthy and your hair style fresh.

The culprit: Indoor heat
What happened to your shiny summer tresses? Indoor heat can leave your hair looking dull and dry and your colour looking flat.
The fix: “Think of your hair just like your skin in the winter months. The cold outside and the indoor heat can make your skin dry and it does the same to your hair,” explains German. Pump up your conditioning and steer clear of excess heat styling as much as possible and use coloured specific shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair healthy. Try Pantene’s new Pro-V Expressions line which has shampoos and conditioners for just about any shade. Also look for moisturizing shampoos versus volumizing. “Volumizing shampoos have a slight drying agent that can make your hair even more dry,” explains German.

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