Blondes may have more fun, but according to Kaia Gerber, who up until recently was rocking a platinum blonde bob-shag hybrid, “pink is punk”. Embracing the punk and DIY ethos (as well as, you know, continuing to social distance during the pandemic), Gerber posted a video of herself on IGTV dying her hair pink from home with the virtual guidance of hair stylist Guido Palau.

“I’ve always loved people who just like, do whatever they want with their hair,” said Gerber in the video. A natural brunette, she explained that she had always wanted to try out pink hair but was hesitant to make the leap without already having bleached it before. “Honestly, the first time I ever had you cut my hair was because I wanted to look like Kurt Cobain,” Gerber recalled. “Slowly, every year, I take another step,” she added, referencing Cobain’s pink hair.

Gerber began with damp hair and covered her mid-lengths to ends in pink dye, leaving the final look a gentle gold-to-pink. The whole process took about an hour, according to Gerber’s 7-minute-video caption.

“That hurdle of cutting or dying your hair opens up so many possibilities,” Palau said, advocating for hair experimentation. Gerber agreed: “I feel like when I cut my hair it changed my life a lot. I felt more like my own person.”


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