Canadians can finally hit “add to cart” on Jennifer Aniston’s hair care line, LolaVie. After launching last year, fans of the Friends star, have been eagerly awaiting for the products to be available in Canada. The time is now–you can get your hands on the Perfecting Leave-In and the Glossing Detangler in just a few clicks. To celebrate the launch of LolaVie in Canada, we chatted with Aniston about her success, launching a brand during the pandemic and her favourite LolaVie product.

Congrats on the success of LolaVie—what has that been like?

It’s been amazing! This was such a passion project of mine, something that I had been working on for many years. The end result is better than what I could have ever imagined. What was once an idea has come to life before my eyes, and it’s been extremely rewarding.

Why did you decide to launch LolaVie?

I wanted to offer something different – multi-functional products that promote healthy hair – like a Swiss Army knife – at the same time, ensuring products were high-performing, naturally-derived, plant-based products that won’t damage your hair.

How does it feel to be launching the products in Canada? I know so many of us are excited to get our hands on the range.

It’s exciting – I am so excited for LolaVie to be available outside the US! I’m thrilled that it’s now accessible to everyone in Canada and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on the two products! Just like the products not launching until they are “just right,” we did not want to start international shipping until we knew how to get it to the customers without any headaches.  And, of course, we started with our next-door neighbours.

How have you and the brand grown since launching less than a year ago?

There’s been lots of growth for the brand. We started out with one product when we initially launched and shortly after released a second. We’ve seen so much success and love for the brand in the U.S. – we even have a number of beauty awards under our belt!

Emma Summerton

What were some of the challenges you faced when putting together LolaVie?

COVID really threw a wrench into things. It caused delays in production and forced us into virtual-only meetings. Plus, I’m a perfectionist and wanted to get the formulas just right!

What separates LolaVie from other hair care lines?

We create products that solve a real need without the fluff – our products are naturally-derived, plant-based, and high-performing. We’re only committed to launching products when they’re just right.

What’s the one must-have LolaVie product you always recommend?

This is a tough question as I love them both.  The Glossing Detangler was the first product we came out with, and it was very intentional. I’ve tried different detanglers for years, but this product is so much more than that. It’s a heat protectant and shine enhancer. It also improves your hair’s manageability and protects against damage. But, then there is the Perfecting Leave-In which amps up the hydration, fights frizz and helps extend your style.

How do you hope to expand LolaVie in the future?

Right now, hair is the focus, but I never say never. So, who knows, we may dive into other categories in the future.


Glossing Detangler

Price: $25


Perfecting Leave-In

Price: $29