After all we put our hair through it’s no wonder it’s limp, dry, dull and down-right damaged. But not to fret, you can get your hair back into a healthy state with the right tools, products and tips. We’ve gathered the best expert advice on how to get your gorgeous hair back.

Get your hair back in shape!
Easy ways to take, dry damaged locks and turn them into shiny, glossy tresses in minutes (you just need the right tools and products!).

5 ways to protect your hair and skin
It’s easy to sacrifice the health of your skin and hair for the latest beauty trends. Keep your hair and skin in check with our arsenal of expert tips.

Great lengths: Facts and myths about hair extensions
Before taking the plunge and adding some length to your hair, read our expose on the truth behind extensions. We bust the myths and reveal the facts if you’re thinking of fixing your damaged hair with extensions.

Smooth moves: How to get straight hair
Envy-inducing, beautiful straight hair — we all want it. The problem is, how do we get it? We’ve sourced the best expert tips and advice for creating enviously smooth hair.

Hair woes
Cold temps, wind, snow … we put our hair through a lot each winter. So when spring comes around and we’re dying to try out the latest spring hair trends, our locks aren’t always in top condition giving us hair woes. Thankfully we have a slew of experts to give tips and advice on how to get our hair back in peak form and how to banish bad hair days for spring.

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