Put down your blow drier, flat iron and step away from the hair dye. Give damaged hair some needed attention and get it healthy before spring with these tips from Toronto-based hairstylist Cody Alain.

At-home fixes
Coloured hair:
“A great product for highlighted and/or bleached hair is Redken Anti-Snap,” says Alain. “It helps to build strength within the cortex (inner layer) of the hair.”

Curly girls: “For hair that’s consistently being straightened start in the shower with TRESemmé Smooth & Silky. It has intense moisturizers which this hair type needs to stay healthy and follow up with a heat protector such as John Frieda 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray — this weightless spray with keratin helps to maintain a glossy smooth style.”

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Ingredients you need to look for
“Keratin and protein help to strengthen hair while jojoba extract and aloe vera help to maintain moister,” says Alain.

Head to the salon
If at-home remedies aren’t making a difference, head to your hairdresser. “The smoothing/straightening treatments that a lot of salons are offering now can greatly reduce the amount of heat applied to the hair daily, which in turn reduces the damaging effects,” advises Alain.

Try these damage-friendly hairstyles
1. The bun. “Slick the hair back and wrap in a low bun,” suggests Alain. “Add a dramatic side or centre part to make the look less severe. Add some interest to the bun by braiding it before pinning.” This is the prime time to add in an extra nourishing leave-in conditioner. “Your hair will be getting a treatment all day!”

2. Textured braids/ponytails. “If your hair is dry or you’re experiencing flyaways it works these are your best styles, they are supposed to be messy,” says Alain.

3. Let it loose. “For wavy hair you can let it dry naturally then take random sections of hair and wrap quickly around a curling iron just to reduce frizz on the top layer,” suggests Alain. “Wrap in different directions (towards the face and away) to create a beachy natural look.”

It’s time to get a haircut if …
“Your hair has lost the will to live!” says Alain. “It won’t style, the colour looks dull, breakage and damage is causing an unwanted hair style/cut. Don’t hold on to a style when your hair is past the point, it brings your entire look down.”

Stop doing this ASAP
Going blonder. “For some women it’s the pursuit of being blonder,” warns Alain. “Give your hair a break in the colder months by adding midtones and low lights. This will add moister and help protect against styling damage.”

Straightening everyday.
“Don’t make your flat iron do all the work. Most irons these days go up to 410 degrees. The more times you pass the flat iron over your hair the more moister is steamed out it and lost.”