Hair colour is an easy way to switch up your look for a new season. While Ombre hair (darker roots that gradually fades in lighter ends) has been dominating the runways and red carpets for the past little while, the time has come to bid the ombre hair colour trend adieu. Beautiful as this colour technique is, it’s safe to say that the trend has run its course, paving the way for new and interesting changes in the world of hair colour.

We spoke with Rita Hazan, Celebrity Colourist and Owner of Rita Hazan Salon in New York City to get her expert opinion on how to stay on-trend with your hair colour for fall. "I think most women right now are trying something new and dramatic or something natural and sophisticated," says Hazan on hair colour trends for fall. "Ombre is definitely fading off," she confirms. Read below for Hazan’s expert opinion on what hair colours are on the rise and how to pull them off:

Hot hair colour trend number #1: Pop colour
"The newest trend is pop colour," says Hazan. "Instead of all over colour, we are seeing multicoloured highlights." The look is flirty, edgy and pretty easy to wear considering the "dip-dye" effect is typically applied to just the hair’s ends. Perhaps best executed on (believe it or not) Lauren Conrad, this quirky hair colour trend has since been seen in different variations and on everyone from Kate Bosworth (soft aquamarine dip-dye), Katy Perry (solid, all over bubblegum pink), and of course on multicolour pioneers like Nicki Minaj.

Hot hair colour trend #2: Deep brown with violet undertones
Dark hair colours are having a moody moment. Perhaps it’s the likes of Kristen Stewart and the transformation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara, but deep brown shades verging on black are hot hair colour trends for fall. "If you have pale skin and an edgier, rock ‘n’ roll style, that doesn’t mean shouldn’t try out this daring shade – just make sure your cut is current and your hair is in great condition," says Hazan. (No Morticia Addams, please!) "This colour also works well on darker skin tones at a shoulder length level – otherwise it can appear wig-like," says Hazan. "Think Salma Hayek with a bob."

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Hot hair colour trend #3: Copper

"Coppers look best on rosy skin tones like Marcia Cross," says Hazan. "Any hair length is suitable for this colour but it’s best styled in loose
romantic waves to soften the overall effect." If you’re a pale blonde looking for a fun (but fleeting) change, ask your colourist about demi-permanent glosses in strawberry
blonde shades as seen on both Blake Lively and Whitney Port this summer. "In general, reds are trendy this season: You’ll see a lot of auburns, coppers and chestnuts," says Hazan.

Hot hair colour trend #4: Buttery blonde
"This colour looks great on fairer skin tones, and can be worn on hair of any length and style, both straight or curly. Think Jessica Simpson," says Hazan. In recent months we’ve seen ashier blondes emerging on style pages and city streets alike, but colour-junkies beware: Throughout the sun-starved winter, ashy hair tones (even on brunettes) can exacerbate any dullness you might be experiencing with your skin. For an instant blonde pick-me-up, talk to your colourist about throwing in a few fine, buttery blonde highlights.

Whether you’re an ombre-loyalist or just looking for a change from your regular colour, take note of Hazan’s expert opinion. We saw pop colour highlights peaking through some of the tresses at Toronto Fashion Week and are also noticing a general resurgence of warm, rich tones in various shades everywhere. As a simple guide to fall hair colour trends, ask yourself if you’re into edgy Easter egg highlights or natural, uniform tones: This season, the opposing ends of the colour trend spectrum don’t leave much going on in between.

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