Step 1. Spritz texturizing spray on damp hair and rough-dry. We love Redken Braid Aid 03 ($25) for volume and hold.

Step 2. Starting at the side of your head, just below the ear, take a section of hair and divide it into three. Tilt your head to the side and braid the hair, picking up more strands as you go, over the crown until you reach the bottom of your other ear. Do a simple three-strand braid to the end and secure with a clear elastic.

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Step 3. Using bobby pins, pin the tail of the braid under the ear where it started. Celebrity hairstylist Roger Medina suggests criss-crossing the pins, with one facing up and one facing down, for maximum hold.

Step 4. Take the edges of the braid and pull loosely­; called “pancaking,” this makes hair look thicker.

Step 5. Set with hairspray, such as Balmain Hair Couture Session Spray Medium ($31.25).

Step 6. Find mistletoe ASAP.

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