Winter and your hair aren’t friends. In fact, they could be enemies. All that static, frizz, dry, brittle ends and dull, dull colour. We enlisted the help of Cody Alain, hair and makeup artist for Page 1 Management in Toronto, and hair stylist Susana Hong, for tips on how to get gorgeous,
healthy hair this winter with the best hairstyles and hair care products, plus five ways to get your best winter hair ever.

GALLERY: The best healthy hair texturizing products

First thing’s first. Winter comes with a lot of added headgear – hats, earmuffs, headbands, and the last thing you need with winter hair is hat hair. You need to plan accordingly. “Know what headgear you’re going to wear to beat the cold and style your hair appropriately,” advises Alain. “Headbands and earmuffs for hair down and ponytails and braids for hats for example.”

And if all else fails,
hair masks can be a winter and healthy hair life-saver. “I think it’s necessary in the dry weather to add nutrients and moisture,” says Hong. “And avoid excessive washing if you can, which will ultimately strip your hair of vital nutrients and add to static.”

Use these key healthy hair care products

In the winter it’s all about what products you use and when for keeping your hair looking glossy, healthy and perfectly coiffed. Alain lists these as the top products to look for:

1. “Try to stay away from hair care products with too much alcohol like hairsprays and gels as they may dry the hair.”

2. “Start with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner.” Try: Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner.

“Adding a serum will help add a bit of weight to reduce static.” Try: Pantene Smooth Serum.

“Oribe also makes a fantastic light weight glossing spray called Après Beach that can be applied either directly to the air or on to a brush and distributed through the hair.”

GALLERY: The top winter hair care products

Why you need a healthy trim, plus easy winter hairstyles on the next page … 
Always keep your hair trimmed

Haircuts are just as key during the winter as the right hair care products, so don’t even think about slacking off from your time at the salon. Hair that hasn’t been cut in a long time can cause even more damage to the ends during winter months (split ends plus cold windy conditions does not equal a good outcome). “A fresh cut will always keep hair looking healthier,” says Alain. “A lot of women’s hair reacts differently to cold and hot so discuss this with your stylist and keep in mind when choosing a style.”

“Fresh haircuts are ultimately the only way to remove damaged ends like split ends,” says Hong. “But, there are products out there that can help you extend the time between haircuts, like Tresemme Platininum Strength collection. This will help fortify and strengthen your hair and repair, helping with dullness, dryness, and damaged ends."

Be kind to your hair with these easy winter hairstyles

Blow drying, curling and flat ironing during the winter might give you nice hair in the moment, but all that heat can cause some serious damage to your strands.

“Anything that is loose, like
a messy braid, or even if you have to use some heat tools, just make sure to use some heat protection first,” advises Hong. “I personally am a fan of straight hair this season (not perfectly flat ironed, but a blow-dried straight) either with a middle part or a deep side part. I think it’s chic and casual, you can really play up the shine factor to look more put together, or add texture if you want to look more carefree.”

“As long as not too much heat is applied you can style your hair anyway you’d like,” suggests Alain. “Considering there are a lot of hats and such happening in the winter practicing your braiding or wearing the hair in a polished low ponytail are great options. Switch up the parting to keep it fresh.”

HEALTHY HAIR: How to maintain your haircut

And to really make sure your hair is selfie perfect, minus frizz and static? “One tip I got from my sister is to use a inexpensive fragrance free dryer sheet to eliminate static. Just rub it through your hair and voila,” says Alain. “Plus Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask adds excellent moisture and of course that incredible smell for an at-home winter hair treatment.”

Who says you can’t brave winter?


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