The holiday season brings out little black dresses, festive red lips, and irresistibly chic hair. It’s the one time of the year you can go a touch over the top to look fabulous (DVF dress, sky-high YSL heels and a blinged-out statement necklace). But your best accessory can be show-stopping hair. No need to head to the salon to get these ‘dos, we have the step-by-step instructions to fab holiday hair with tips from Yorkville’s
TONI&GUY creative director, Rob Pupo.

Texture Just like on the fall/winter runways, this season’s hair is all about texture (think Derek Lam’s bouffant textured runway locks). "Mixing in multiple textures gives depth and drama to a standard look," says Pupo.

• Begin by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner on the hair. On damp hair apply a texture paste such as TONI&GUY Texture Paste, to the middle and ends of hair shaft to help crate grip.

• Dry hair with a diffuser attachment to help create texture and a natural bend in the hair. Use medium heat and avoid running hands through hair until completely dry.

• Apply a bit more paste to the hands and apply onto hair for control.

• Separate the top of the hair from the bottom and sides to create 3 big sections.

• Starting with the bottom and side sections, direct hair with your hands to the center back of the head and secure with bobby pins. Keep this silhouette slightly loose.

• Repeat on opposite side overlapping the center back. Once again secure with bobby pins to create a modern take on the classic French Twist.

• Using the top section, bring all hair back to the crown. Tease roots for added height and volume. Secure with bobby pins.

• Again, add a little paste to your hands and fiddle with the hair to create more texture and until your desired shape is achieved.

Photo provided by Shoppers Drug Mart
Straight Nothing exudes glamour like super shiny, sleek straight hair, (just like the shiny locks at D&G this fall). It’s a simple way to make your mane the center of attention come holiday party time. To get the look, apply shine serum and heat protecting products before ironing straight, suggest Pupo — then repeat. "The second dose of the flat iron will add that extra high-shine and luster to your locks," he says.

• Apply a smoothing balm such as, TONI&GUY’s Straight and Shine Smoothing Balm to wet hair. This will create a sleeker blow dry and effectively banishes frizz! For finer hair use minimal product so as not to weigh the hair down.

• Blow dry hair thoroughly.

• Once hair is completely dry, apply a finishing shine spray directly onto hands and smooth onto strands.

• Using a flat iron, go over strands to straighten hair. For precision, separate hair into 2-inch sections and be sure to drag straightening iron all the way down to the bottom of the section in order not to flip out the ends.

• For an easy yet stylish ponytail, divide hair from the hairline all the way back to below the crown creating a horseshoe like section on the top of the head.

• Once you have created this section divide the hair into smaller sections that span from left to right.

• Use a comb to backcomb the roots, overlapping each section onto one another.

• Now comb the hair back in place lightly to smooth keeping height and volume at the top of the crown.

• Grip hair from both sides and determine where you want the tail to be and secure with a hair tie.

• Lightly spray a finishing shine spray onto hands and smooth any fly-aways.

Photo provided by Shoppers Drug Mart
Soft waves "When done right, wavy hair can looks effortless and chic at the same time," explains Pupo. Take a cue from the DSquared2 models who strutted their loose waves down the catwalk. The key is to have the waves look soft and touchable for your holiday bash by gently brushing through the curl.

• Apply a leave in conditioner to wet hair, before drying, to prevent dehydration.

• Then add a few sprits of TONI&GUY Beach Curl spray to add slight texture and hold.

• Dry hair using a paddle brush until completely dry. For fine hair flip the head upside down to create volume at the root.

• Once dry, take 2-inch sections of hair, starting at the nape of the neck and working your way up the head, and lightly mist with curl spray before curling. Using a 1-inch curling iron, curl from the root to ends holding for 10-15 seconds.

• Continue this technique until the whole head is curled.

• Brush curls out very lightly with a bristle brush, smoothing out the top of the hair and leaving a soft wave through the bottom.

• Finish off with TONI&GUY Tame-It Serum to remove frizz and add shine.

Photo provided by Shoppers Drug Mart