During awards season, we’re glued to the TV. But we’re not just watching for who has the potential to win a coveted gold statue … let’s be honest, we’re also eying up each celeb’s enviable hair. Those romantic curls we see make us swoon each and every time. We learn the secrets behind those celebrity red carpet curls from Kevin Mancuso, Creative Director for Nexxus hair care, who also shares tips on how to get those glossy waves. Trust us—your curls will be amongst Hollywood’s finest.


Get the curl: The tools
Before you begin your search for red carpet curls, you need to round up a few tools to get started. “First, you need a professional curling iron, like the JRL Twisting Curling Iron,” says Mancuso. “When using an iron you want to create waves, bends and elongated spirals that look like an iron never touched them,” he adds. Mancuso also suggests a natural bristle brush (reinforced boar and nylon prongs), a professional blow dryer and a set of Velcro rollers to help you form red carpet curls.

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Get the curl: The products

Now you’re ready to collect the essential products needed to style your celebrity-inspired waves. “If you’re trying to achieve volume or tousled waves, stay away from products with silicone because it can over soften and align hair, making it sleek and controlled,” says Mancuso. Use a volume-enhancing shampoo and conditioner (try Nexxus Hydra-Light Shampoo and Conditioner) and follow up with a smoothing serum and light hairspray for shine and movement.

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Get the curl: The design

You want to style your red carpet curls based on your hair length and face shape to achieve optimal results. “Red carpet curls can absolutely be used on hair of any length. Just be conscious of how easily your hair texture takes a curl, and know that the shorter your hair is the more shrinkage occurs,” says Mancuso.

In terms of face shape, analyze the length of your desired curls to the proportions of your head. “For an oval face shape, tighter, more defined and rounder curls parted on the side will actually help shorten your face,” says Mancuso. For a rounder face shape, Mancuso recommends wide, uneven curls as opposed to taut spirals that shorten the face and make it appear more circular.


Get the curl: The process
Now for the grand finale—fashioning those coveted red carpet curls in three easy steps. “The hair trend for fall is really about achieving what I like to call ‘accidental beauty.’ It is styled hair that still looks very natural and not overdone,” says Mancuso. Each step in the process gets you closer to being red-carpet ready.

Step #1: Blow dry

“Start with a rough blow dry, but don’t section your hair. Just blow with a brush and let it flow freely,” says Mancuso. (It’s like you have your own personal wind machine.)

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Step #2: Style with a curling iron

“Once hair is dry, use a large curling iron to achieve long and open waves. Start by wrapping sections around the barrel. Try using the iron with the top pointing down and turn so the end of your hair is actually facing the inside as you twist upward,” says Mancuso. This is the curling motion required for creating voluminous red carpet waves that frame your face.

Step #3: Smooth it out

“Once you’ve completed the curling process all over your hair, pull your hands through your tresses three to five times depending on how loose you want your curls to be,” finishes Mancuso. Now, you’re officially ready for your close-up.

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