Curl it, twist it, pull it, bend it, twirl it. So many hairstyle possibilities, so little time. A
perfectly coiffed curl that matches your face shape and works with your hair length is an art form all in its own. Learn how to get the right type of curl in your hair with expert tips from Vittorio—hairstylist for the Plutino Group and Peter Ciardulli—Matrix Texture Specialist. The catch? You’ll never want to sport a straight hairstyle again.

Curl it your way: Retro coils

Vittorio recommends trying the retro curl if you have an oblong face shape to give the illusion of width and to tone down the length of your face. Retro coils also look chic and stunning on short hair. (If you don’t have short hair, make the cut for fall.)


“On dry hair, spritz each one-inch section of hair with a holding spray before curling with an iron. Make each curl fall in the exact same direction. Then let it cool. Brush out curls with a large paddle brush…a lot. Brush until curls have blended into waves and finish with spray,” says Vittorio.

Curl it your way: Voluminous curls

Voluminous curls work with every face shape and hairstyle, so feel to experiment with them, ladies!

Instructions: “Towel and air-dry hair with Moroccanoil mousse, add rollers by directing hair away from your face, then let set until fully dry and cool. Remove rollers and brush out curls to desired height and shape,” says Vittorio.

Curl it your way: Beachy waves
Free flowing beachy waves are great for stretching out the length of a rounder face shape. “For rounder face shapes the curl should be loose. A tighter curl may not balance out the look—it will give an even more rounded effect,” says Ciardulli. Go for a classic bohemian look and try beachy waves if you have a medium length or long hairstyle.


“Apply Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to wet hair and let air dry without touching. Once dry, touch up waves with a cone-shaped iron. Alternate curling toward and away from your face. While each section is still hot, gently stretch the curl from the ends, allowing them to cool down in that stretched shape,” says Vittorio.

How to get tight spirals and barely-there curls on the next page…

how-to-get-every-hair-curl-002.jpgCurl it your way: Tight spirals
Tight spirals are more difficult to recreate if you are not born with a curly hairstyle. “If you have medium length hair, you don’t want to go too tight with the curl. This will only reduce your hair length,” says Ciardulli. In addition, Vittorio advises girls with a heart face shape to try the tight spiral for harmonizing texture and width.

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Instructions: “Use a 3/4 inch to one inch size barrel on your curling iron. You want to wrap the hair from the scalp to the ends. If you use a large curling iron the results will be too loose and the curl will fall out,” says Ciardulli.

Curl it your way: Barely-there twists

These light, airy curls are ideal for days when you don’t want to pull out the straightener. Plus, they work great with short hair and an oval face shape. “If you have short hair or chin length hair your curls won’t drop very fast and will appear curlier. For that reason, a looser curl may be more desired,” says Vittorio.

5 new ways to wear WAVY HAIR

Instructions: “Using a single large or extra large round brush, roll it in and let it cool while you are working on your next brush section. Once you unwind the brush from the hair, let it cool and comb out with hands. This look will give you barely curled hair but with volume,” says Ciardulli. (Insider tip: Don’t be afraid of this technique—it seems a little quirky, but it works.)

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