Stylist to the stars Howard Barr hails voluminous tresses, imperfect updos and accessories as great looks for this holiday season. Taking his cues from the international catwalks to the red carpet, Barr has the must-have prepping tips to make your ‘do look flawless come party time!

Holiday hairstyle tip #1: Accessorize
Wearing glitzy hair accessories is an easy way to glam up any ensemble and is often all you need to go from bland to beautiful! Barr suggests:

Headbands: Currently a major trend, they come in a myriad of styles. Go for classic pearls, rhinestones or suede accents. They’ll instantly dress up your hairstyle and add an element of sexy femininity. Ask your stylist to add some height to the crown of your head so you can wear it ’60s style à la Jackie O.

Hair jewellery: Mini barrettes, combs or sculptured hats add star quality to any office-appropriate suit, cocktail dress or casual jeans! Keep the look sophisticated by opting for one statement piece as opposed to an assortment.

Holiday hairstyle tip #2: Pump up the volume
Full, voluminous hair is back. Try luscious waves or bountiful curls by using these tricks…

Diffuse: Diffusing should be done on a low fan/high heat. For volume, diffuse leaning forward in a chair with your head down. Keeping the diffuser still, work each section starting at the crown.

Backcomb: Comb hair toward the scalp instead of away from it to roughen up the cuticle and create ultra volume. The most hair-friendly technique is to tease two-inch sections from ends to mid-lengths or roots in one motion. You can either go for the all-over body or leave the top sections smooth for a more subtle look. You can also use this technique to create an interesting twist for a sleek updo.

Holiday hairstyle tip #3: Bedhead
Messy chignons and imperfect updos have replaced the complicated, stiff styles of the past. Try…

Chic Chignon: The chignon is the ever-elegant style of choice for the holiday season. Brush straight, medium-to-long hair into a low, loose ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure it with an elastic band. Twist hair several times as a long strand with frayed-out ends. Curl the twisted strand into a bun and use hairpins to secure at the nape of the neck.

Party ponytail: Although practical, the ponytail can be sexed up with a few minor adjustments. Dry hair straight with a brush and then part slightly off centre. Fasten the ponytail lightly so that it sits slightly below the middle of the back of your head. Dust off the curling iron because it is back! Add extra drama by curling two-inch sections of the ponytail. To combat fly-aways, spray hairline with a small amount of hairspray.

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