Cold temps, wind, snow … we put our hair through a lot each winter. So when spring comes around and we’re dying to try out the latest spring hair trends, our locks aren’t always in top condition giving us hair woes. Thankfully we have a slew of experts to give tips and advice on how to get our hair back in peak form and how to banish bad hair days for spring.

Biggest hair mistakes

Are you committing a hair crime and don’t even know it? Chances are most of us are – whether it’s shampooing too often, cutting our own bangs or over doing it on conditioner — top stylists dish on hair mistakes they witness women committing time and time again.

Hair fair: How to banish bad hair days
Science just keeps making life easier: Aside from being able to record a TV program from your cellphone and have your car read your emails to you, according to recent claims from various companies, you may never have to experience a bad hair day again. Using the latest techology, hair-care experts are turning into lab geeks, coming up with new ways to shampoo, style and colour with innovative products that seem to be all about beauty and brains. And, despite all the complicated science and high-end tests—typically the stuff of luxe brands—there isn’t always a big price tag behind these new formulas.

5 hair problems fixed
There’s a reason the terms “bad-hair day” and “good-hair day” exist–your hairstyle has the power to set the tone for your entire day. When it’s looking exactly how you you want it to, you walk a little taller and feel like you can take on the anything life throws your way. So wouldn’t it be nice to feel that way all the time? Read on for expert advice on how to resolve some of the most common hair issues.

Your ideal hair style
Good-hair days don’t have to be few and far between. Working with your hair’s natural texture and type is a surefire way to eliminate bad-hair days for good. We talked to a slew of stylists about six different hair types so that you can learn how to reveal your hair’s gorgeousness. Are you ready to fall in love with your locks? Let’s do this.

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