The classic French braid (snooze). The traditional side braid (sigh). The skinny braid (yawn). It’s time to change up our braids ladies! With August right around the corner and fall looming in the distance, we went in search of the latest hair trends and spins on the best new braided hairstyles. We’ve recruited two expert hair stylists—Anna Nenoiu, TRESemmé Brand Ambassador and Jorge Joao, Redken International Performing Artist—to find out what braided hairstyles we need to learn as Fall 2013 approaches (hint the fishtail braid and braided buns are hot!).

SLIDESHOW: The best BRAIDED HAIR inspiration

Hair trends: Summer braids to try
Braids are a hairstyle necessity during the summer months because they cleverly hide common hair issues that accompany warmer weather (think frizz and split ends). “The best way to wear your hair in the summer heat and humidity is off the shoulders and up, so naturally braiding adds a new twist and interest to your hair-do. Incorporate braiding into the front part of your hair while placing the rest of your locks in a loose top knot or low bun,” says Nenoiu. Looking for more popular summer braids to take your look to the next level? “The braid as a crown, braids to create a dreadlock feel and asymmetrical braids that sit off to one side,” says Joao.

Hair trends: Fall transition braids
With summer days slowly starting to get shorter, it’s time to think about how to shift your favourite braid into fall. “When transitioning braids to fall, you have to have braids that are accessory friendly, particularly to hats. So consider doing low buns of braids, a low disheveled fishtail or a side braid. Hats and hair accessories will look great,” says Joao.

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You should also change up your hair care routine to ease a braid’s evolution into cooler temperatures. “Transitioning your braid from summer to fall is easy, especially if you have the right hair product. In the summer we tend to gravitate towards anti-frizz products because the heat and humidity can really play havoc on the texture of your braid,” says Nenoiu. (Try TRESemmé Strong Hold Hairspray for a glossy braid).

The best new braided hairstyles for Fall 2013 on the next page…

new-braids-fall-13-0002.jpgHair trends: New braided hairstyles to rock

1. The fishtail braid with a catch
Get imaginative with the tricky fishtail braid. “Celebrities like Rihanna, Nina Dobrev and Blake Lively have worn versions of the fishtail braid ranging from a small, fishtail-braided headband to a thick, rope-like side fishtail braid,” says Nenoiu.

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2. The twirling bun of braids
This is a fun braid that is sure to garner loads of attention. “Make a low ponytail and create three braids (total of nine pieces) and wrap each braid around the ponytail to create a bun of braids,” says Joao.

3. The framing braid

Don’t be concerned about finding the perfect shape—an undone, face-framing braid is chic too. “The most important thing to remember about this style is the messier it looks, the better. So don’t fuss about securing your layers, just let them hang loosely around your face” says Nenoiu.


4. The bang-on braid
If you’ve taken the plunge and chopped your locks in favour of bangs, this braid is for you. “You can also use the bang as part of the braid to create a sweeping look across the forehead,” says Joao.

With these trending braids for summer and fall, a creative twist on the classic braids is definitely in your future.

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