Put down that flat iron—this season it’s all about embracing your hair’s natural, voluminous waves. If it sounds good to be true, especially after all those early mornings spent ironing out wavy tresses like crinkled blouses, take your cues from the Spring/Summer 2012
runways— from DKNY to Dolce & Gabbana— and let your hair go.

To find out how to best pull off that full-bodied, blown-out bounce, we chatted with Toronto hair stylist Brennen Demelo, owner of Brennen Demelo Studio, for tips on how to make achieving that effortless look almost as easy as it sounds.

1. Hair tip: Expert tool kit

What does it take to create a good blowout? “A good blow dryer!” says Demelo. He notes that it’s crucial to remove moisture from hair, making sure it’s about 80 to 90 per cent dry before styling. “Then add product next,” he insists. Demelo recommends consulting with your stylist to determine the
best volumizing products that work for your tresses. Avoid heavy creams or gels, which will weigh down hair and leave a sticky residue. “Volumizing dust powders are great to help support the hair, keeping it light and fresh,” he says.

2. Hair tip: Divide and conquer

“The easiest way to achieve a full-body look is to divide hair into sections,” says Demelo. Before styling your hair, quickly remove moisture by flipping your head over and using a round brush, pull down from the roots to create tension as you dry. This, along with the heat from the hair dryer, will help to lift hair from the root and give it that blowing in the wind-style bounce. Then flip head back over and style in sections, working from front to back. “This helps to create a voluminous blow dry,” he adds.

Want to try the Hollywood-inspired blowout tresses? Read on…



3. Hair tip: Hollywood show curls
As seen on starlets such as Vivien Leigh and Greta Garbo, and more recently the stars on Anna Sui’s Spring/Summer 2012 runway, loose, side-swept curls are the timeless picture of Hollywood glamour. For this look, you’ll need a curling iron: “The trick to this look is starting with hair blow-dried to a smooth texture,” says Demelo. Next wrap small sections of hair around the iron—rather then simply curling hair in the iron. “You want to hold the iron vertically and wrap around away from your face.” Be sure to let each section cool in your hand after gently unwrapping each freshly curled lock from the iron. “This helps to set the wave, giving you a more of a glam finish.” Set hair with a shine spray to maintain those soft, pretty waves.

4. Hair tip: Staying power
The best thing about the blowout, besides the classic, polished look it leaves you with, is that it’s user-friendly for most hair types: “Any one with a bit of length can achieve this look when you start from a fresh blow dry,” says Demelo. And like an LBD, it will never go out of style, which is why we’ll be seeing more high-volume hairstyles come spring.

And did we mention that a good blow dry leaves you with many different styling options for days two and three? “And let’s be honest, sometimes days four and five!” adds Demelo. And while you’ll need to wash hair eventually, the good news is you can quickly recreate the same naturally tousled waves. “A good blow dry will keep you feeling fresh and sassy,” says Demelo. Pop on a bright headband overtop and you’ll be spring-ready, too.

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